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    Adjusting organizational structure for cooperative longevity : Missouri farmers association, 1920 - 1950 [1]
    The Agrobacterium tumefaciens min system contributes to the regulation of cell division [1]
    Alternative bicycle pavement marking studies using a bicycle simulator [1]
    Analysis of pupil dilation using fractal dimension and eye-head integrated tracking system in a multitasking environment [1]
    Assessing border permeability : a geospatial analysis of insurgent mobility [1]
    Associations between executive functioning, affect-regulation drinking motives and alcohol use and problematic drinking [1]
    Characterization of the Embolisher, a device for cerebral embolic protection [1]
    Convolutional Neural Network architectures for digit recognition system [1]
    Crime in the city : understanding geospatial relationships among crime and the urban landscape [1]
    A data acquisition system that uses signal scavenging to detect activity on floor pads [1]
    "The Dead, the dead, the dead" : encountering loss in Civil War poetry [1]
    Deep learning based nuclei detection for quantitative histopathology image analysis [1]
    Design and analysis of a frequency reconfigurable antenna for wireless communication at 5 GHz [1]
    Design and implementation of orthopedic trauma surgery rehabilitation and health monitoring system (OTSRS) [1]
    Developing semiautonomous system for robust performance of centrifugal pumping system [1]
    The discourse of outdoor food advertisements in Latino communities [1]
    Effect of silica fillers on bonding performance of 5th generation dental adhesive [1]
    Effects of common and rare GABAergic gene variation on alcohol use and antisocial behavior [1]
    Effects of common and rare gamma-aminobutyric acid ergic gene variation on alcohol use and antisocial behavior [1]
    Effects of infographics in science communication : learning preferences and prior knowledge as moderators [1]