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    Adaptations to tree-gouging in the anterior masticatory apparatus of marmosets (callithrix) [abstract]
    Angiotensin converting enzyme modulates corneal angiogensis in vivo
    Binge ethanol drinking causes protracted insomnia [abstract]
    Bioinformatic prediction of ultraviolet light mutagenesis sensitive human genes [abstract]
    Bisphosphonate therapy, wound healing and the pathobiology of osteonecrosis of the jawbone [abstract]
    Bone marrow failure associated with CD8 T-cell expansion in a patient with trichorhinophalangeal syndrome and common variable immunodeficiency [abstract]
    Brain MS imaging after ischemic stroke in mice: insight for brain injury by abnormal proteolysis [abstract]
    Brain phenotypes in two FGFR2 mouse models for apert syndrome [abstract]
    Can estrogen related receptor cure cancer? [abstract]
    Chronic ethanol exposure affects adenosinergic mechanism in basal forebrain [abstract]
    Combined augmentation mastoplexy [abstract]
    Comparative analysis of pedicle screw failure in human cadaver vertebrae using simulated in vivo loading [abstract]
    A comparison of forearm bone mineral density among collegiate gymnasts, distance runners, and non-athletes [abstract]
    Confounding of racial and socioeconomic risk factors in epidemiological assertions sampled from Robbins and Cotran: pathologic basis of disease [abstract]
    Craniofacial developmental instability and masticatory behavior [abstract]
    Crystallization and structure determination of a PNGM from Bacillus Anthracis [abstract]
    A Dance-movement therapeutic intervention to improve balance and gait in community-based frail seniors: a pilot study [abstract]
    Detection of microrna expression in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded materials with fluorescent in situ hybridization [abstract]
    Determining the structure of psychiatric visit adherence [abstract]
    Development of an in vitro model of quail vasculogenesis [abstract]