Recent Submissions

  • When Cultures Collide: How Primitive Masculinity and Class Conflict Derailed the Patrick J. Hurley Diplomatic Mission to China, 1944-1945 

    Ploth, Kevin M. (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2018)
    Historians often criticize Patrick J. Hurley for the failure of his diplomatic mission to China in 1944-1945. Instead of acting as an impartial mediator during the negotiations between the Guomindang (GMD) and Chinese ...
  • Material Evidence 

    Landon, David Paul (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2018)
    Material evidence is a twelve-and-a-half minute long work for twenty-two musicians and electronics. The main inspiration for the work came as a combination of scientific research in the field of music cognition and ...
  • Crawford Ralston: Structures of Time 

    Ritter, William S. (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2018)
    Ralston Crawford is an American artist best known for his Precisionist aesthetic style that celebrates the edifices of modern America such as bridges, silos, and grain elevators. Crawford utilized a highly controlled ...