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    Association of Nasal Septum Area and Deviation with Anteroposterior Maxillary Position and Facial Skeletal Asymmetries [1]
    Biomass Burning and Its Relationship with Water Cycle Dynamics of the Chari-Logone Catchment of Lake Chad Basin [1]
    Constructing Comanche: Imperialism, Print Culture, and the Creation of the Most Dangerous Indian in Antebellum America [1]
    Crawford Ralston: Structures of Time [1]
    Deep Learning for Semi-Automated Brain Claustrum Segmentation on Magnetic Resonance (MR) Images [1]
    Design Automation and Evaluation Of Emerging 3D – IC Technology Using Stacked Horizontal Nanowires [1]
    Development and Testing of a Steerable Cruciform Parachute System [1]
    Development of Resistance to Antifungal Agents in Common Yeast Species [1]
    Effect of Highly Filled Light-Cured Resin Sealant on Bracket Shear Bond Strength in Demineralization Conditions [1]
    The Effect of Resection on the Sealer-Dentin Interface in Roots Obturated with Tricalcium Silicate Sealer: A Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy and India Ink Penetration In Vitro Pilot Study [1]
    Electromagnetic Characterization of Complex-Shaped Carbon Nanotubes Using Characteristic Mode Analysis [1]
    Evaluation of Pilot and Quadcopter Performance from Open Loop Mission Oriented Flight Testing [1]
    Family Systems Theory in Chekhov’s ‘Big Four’ Plays [1]
    Fatalism, Religious Attendance, Health-Related Quality of Life, and Engagement in Health Behaviors Among Hispanic Americans low in Acculturation and Income: Testing the Reserve Capacity Model [1]
    Father Me Again [1]
    Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Validation of Reinforced Concrete Single-Mat Slabs Subjected to Blast Loads [1]
    For whom the bell tolls for flute (piccolo), soprano saxophone (alto saxophone), percussion, and piano [1]
    forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit [1]
    Governing Corporations: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Expanding Role of Business in Society [1]
    Guideline-Directed Statin Therapy in Patients with New or Worsening Symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease [1]