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    Assessment of transient negative affect in synesthesia [1]
    Automatic and controlled processing of faces in social anxiety [1]
    Behavorial Assessment of Synesthetic Perception: Color Perception and Visual Imagery in Synesthesia [1]
    Bright Light Therapy for the Treatment of Night Eating Syndrome [1]
    Cued affective modulation of startle reflex as a measure of emotion regulation [1]
    Dance as a Community of Practice: Exploring Dance Groups in the Kansas City Area through the Lifespan [1]
    Discrimination and health: how being Hispanic can make you sick [1]
    The Effect of Emotion Stimulus Intensity on the selection and Implementation of Distraction and Reappraisal as Emotion Regulation Strategies [1]
    The effect of violent video game exposure on emotion modulation of startle and aggression [1]
    The effect of violent video game play on emotion modulation of startle [1]
    Effects of a violence prevention program on the aggressive scripts and prosocial behavior of "high risk" students [1]
    The effects of age and gender on optimistic bias and stereotype salience for cardiovascular disease in college students [1]
    Emotional responsivity in people high and low in trait positive affect [1]
    Episodic Future Thinking in Young Children: Considering Body Mass and Memory [1]
    Examining learning potential in undergraduate college students [1]
    Examining psychological recovery in persons with serious mental illness : the role of experienced stigma and the insight paradox [1]
    Exploring college students' relationship with God as a potential mediator between religious behaviors and sexual and alcohol risk behavior among college students [1]
    Father-daughter relationship and teen pregnancy: an examination of adolescent females raised in homes without biological fathers [1]
    HIV stigma reduction and testing in the Hispanic/Latino church setting [1]
    The Impact of Sleep Quality on Energy Intake, Eating Behavior, and Physical Activity [1]