The Department of English, one of the academic units of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia, with more than one hundred M.A. and Ph.D students and about five-hundred undergraduate majors, is one of the larger and more diverse departments on the Columbia campus. They offer a wide range of courses in British and American Literature and Creative Writing, as well as special emphases in African Diaspora Studies, Critical Theory, English Language and Linguistics, Folklore and Oral Tradition, and Rhetoric and Composition. The Department of English also maintains close working relationships with other units on campus such as Black Studies, Film Studies, Women's & Gender Studies, and the Honors College.

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  • WWII propaganda : the influence of racism 

    Miles, Hannah (Campus Writing Program, 2012-03)
    Images created in times of war reveal the tensions and fears ignited by the conflicts between nations.
  • Relaunch (Editor's Introduction) 

    Clark, Naomi (Campus Writing Program, 2012-03)
    This is the inaugural issue of Artifacts relaunch.
  • It takes a village: Twentieth Century black women's fiction and the spiritual apprenticeship narrative 

    Bailey, Constance (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    This dissertation looks at nine works by contemporary black women writers and argues that the relationships between the major characters in the text reflect and emphasize the importance of mentoring bonds in black communities. ...
  • Writing-to-serve: an ethnographic study of a writing-across-the-curriculum approach in a service-learning course 

    Saleska, Johanna Joy (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Though Service-Learning and Writing-Across-the-Curriculum are two educational reform movements with similar histories and objectives, the two have for the most part remained separate in higher education. This thesis presents ...
  • The women�??s symposium 

    Niederberger, Erin (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    Observations on love and philosophy by serving women in a kitchen, while philosophers such as Socrates, Pausanias, and Phaedrus discuss the same in another room.
  • Vauxhall Gardens in Frances Burney�??s Evelina 

    Judd, Sarah (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    Frances Burney�??s Evelina portrays a world where politeness, manners, and proper etiquette are very important. When Evelina first encounters Vauxhall Gardens, she has yet to believe that the place is anything but reputable, ...
  • Out of the water and onto our plates: combating Asian carp invasion with cutlery 

    Petty, Erin (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    Originally native to the Yangtze River in southeastern China, �??Asian carp�?� collectively refers to bighead (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis), black (Mylopharyngodon piceus), grass (Ctenopharyngodon idella), and silver ...
  • Hypovolemic shock and fluid resuscitation 

    Furlong, Jackson (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    This essay presents a case of a patient brought to the ER complaining of abdominal pain for the past two days. What follows is a detailed description of the efforts involved in saving this patient's life.
  • Reflections in a black mirror: analyzing Bloody Mary and her presence in �??The Wolf Among Us�?� 

    Flood, Connor (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    It�??s a typical setting; a group of teens enjoying each others company at a sleepover, when suddenly, they decide to play a game. At the behest of the others, one of the teens gets up, goes to the bathroom, turns off all ...
  • Thelonius Monk, Alone in San Francisco: a critical review 

    Colagiovanni, Bendetto (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    Thelonious Monk does not simply play the piano�??he lives through it. The instrument is an extension of himself Each note Monk plays is a cathartic expression of emotion�??love, loss, pain, anguish�??all conspiring with ...
  • The essential role of islet transplantation in diabetes treatment 

    Secrist, Emily (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    For many years, different studies have been performed for potential methods in order to reach independence from insulin in diabetic patients. One prospective treatment, known as islet cell transplantation, has been examined ...
  • Fear of fear itself: a deeper look into U. S. birthing culture 

    Dennis, Jessica (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    Imagine a woman giving birth. What exactly comes to mind? For many Americans scenes of a screaming woman laying flat on a hospital bed in an all white room probably flashes before them. For others around the globe, the ...
  • Death as freedom in 19th century women�??s literature: an escape from idleness 

    Ransom, Hughes (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    Few would argue that Victorian writers were death-averse; generally, at least one of their novels or poems consists of a hefty, symbolic death that transforms the other characters around them. Being so numerous, these ...
  • The rise of the �??Crazy Cat Lady�?� 

    Ares, Andrea (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    As a spritely, little 7-year old �?? having a cat was cool. In fact, it made me really cool. People I had never spoken to at school had somehow caught word of my new kitty and prompted their parents to call my parents in ...
  • The Gay Lib controversy: social change versus social norms at the University of Missouri 

    Niederberger, Erin (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    In 1971, a homosexual student organization known as Gay Liberation or Gay Lib requested and was denied recognition at the University of Missouri-Columbia. For the next seven years, Gay Lib members would work their way ...
  • Table of contents 

    Artifacts, Issue 14 (2016) (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    These pages show brief descriptions of the submissions in this issue.
  • My misadventures in love, like, lust, & other attractions 

    Ares, Andrea (University of Missouri, Department of English, 2016-04)
    If you�??re looking to read something along the lines of �??How To Land Your Dream Man In Less Than A Week�?�, I would suggest picking up any edition of Seventeen magazine instead. If you�??re looking to hear a steamy love ...
  • Not a comback: the persistence of decadence in film noir 

    Arnold, Elizabeth (2016-05)
    In this thesis, I will argue that the decadent movement survives in twentieth-century America through noir films, or what I refer to as �??noir decadence.�?� However, noir films make decadence more accessible to a wider ...
  • Parody and media literacy in "Nathan For You" and [creative final] "Adrift" 

    Finnegan, Mitchell (2016)
    Concluding paragraph from Parody and media literacy in "Nathan For You": Over three decades after The Simpsons broke onto the primetime scene, Nathan For You harnesses a brand new form of comedy that makes similar use of ...
  • Talking back: the role of poets and poems in literary conversation 

    Lockard, Paige (2016)
    Concluding paragraph: "In discovering the expansive history of poetic conversation and poetic influence, the question of authenticity now seems irrelevant. Authenticity may now be described as the extent to which a poem ...

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