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    Adoption and productivity of breeding technologies: evidence from US dairy farms [1]
    Adoption and Uptake Pathway of GM Technology by Chinese Smallholders: Evidence from Bt Cotton Production [1]
    AF [1]
    Agrarian Frontiers, v. 2 no. 1 [1]
    Agrarian Frontiers, v.1, no.1 [1]
    Analysis of the Prevalence of CDC Triffid Transgenic Flax in Canadian Grain Stocks [1]
    An assessment of the impact of landscape soil, government programs and crop insurance on the profitability of perennial grass cropping systems grown for bioenergy [1]
    Biofuel policies and food grain commodity prices 2006-2012: all boom and no bust? [1]
    Bioproduct Approval Regulation : An Analysis of Front-line Governance Complexity [1]
    A Case of Uncertainty In the Vertical Integration Decision [1]
    China’s Agri-Biotech Policy, Regulation, and Governance [1]
    Choosing Between Increased Means and Reduced Variance: Implications for Genetically Modified Crops [1]
    Coexistence in the Case of a Perennia l Species Complex: The Potential Challenges of Coexistence between GM and Non-GM Prunus Species [1]
    Comparison of Sampling Strategies to Evaluate Rate of Transgenic Adventitious Presence in Agricultural Fields [1]
    Conflicting Rules for the International Trade of GM Products: Does International Law Provide a Solution? [1]
    Considering Religious and Cultural Aspects of Food and Agriculture when Seeking to Introduce or Develop GMOs [1]
    Consumer Preferences for Functional GM Foods in the UK: A Choice Experiment [1]
    Consumers' willingness to purchase genetically modified products with superior benefit when the conventional alternative is risky, and its relationship to GM food [1]
    Developing a policy for low-level presence (LLP): a Canadian case study [1]