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    Fabrication of TIO₂-embedded polyvinylidene difluoride membranes and their application in algae membrane bioreactor systems [1]
    Fabrication of TIO₂-embedded PVDF membranes and their application in algae membrane bioreactor systems [1]
    The face of what came after: memorialization of September 11 in news images and the Shanksville site [1]
    Face Verification Using High Dimensional Feature [1]
    Face-to-face, online, and hybrid designs for mentoring [1]
    Facilitating large data sharing in collaborative environment using Dropoff [1]
    Facilitating the development of elementary prospective teachers' pedagogical content knowledge: a case study of a mathematics teacher educator's actions and purposes [1]
    A factor structure with means confirmatory factor analytic approach to multitrait-multimethod models [1]
    Factors affecting abundance, physiology, and fine-scale genetic differentiation of the western slimy salamander (Plethodon albagula) [1]
    Factors affecting oscillating motion and heat transfer in an oscillating heat pipe [1]
    Factors affecting paddlefish reproductive success in the lower Osage River [1]
    Factors affecting spatial and temporal dynamics of an ungulate assemblage in the Black Hills, South Dakota [1]
    Factors affecting teachers' participation in professional development activities in Turkey [1]
    Factors contributing to humoral immunity against pneumonic plague [1]
    Factors effecting Black natural resources professionals' decisions to relocate [1]
    Factors impacting teacher efficacy in policy implementation: the case of the reading first initiative [1]
    Factors influencing agricultural education students' choice to teach [1]
    Factors influencing Chinese electronics engineers' selection of information sources [1]
    Factors influencing homeowners' decisions to seek residential energy efficiency knowledge [1]
    Factors influencing households' demand for life insurance [1]