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    A 10-year linear gender-equity and salary-trend study among Missouri superintendents : a glance a Missouri superintendents' pathway to the superintendency
    4 day school week
    Academic advising at a distance : a case study where no face to face interactions occur
    Accessibility and Inclusion in Health Professions Education : Perceptions and Experiences of Disabled College Students
    Accredited athletic training clinical experience : are we adequately preparing our students?
    Action research investigation into teaming in one school district
    An action research study of program implementation in a rural reservation school district
    Adaptation of the innovation configurations for school-based staff developers for the development of a measure of reading coach job performance
    African American women in public higher education administrative leadership in the state of Missouri: perspectives on a half century of progress
    Against all odds: leadership in a high-poverty high-performing school
    Alternatively certified teacher induction : an examination of current practice in Souteast Missouri
    Alternatively certified teacher induction: an examination of current practice in Southeast Missouri
    Alumni social mobility and giving to their Alma Mater
    An analysis of the impact of the A+ schools program on student enrollment, certificate or degree completion and transitioning to a four-year university
    An analysis of the relationships between servant leadership, school culture, and student achievement
    Analysis of the tuition price elasticity of international undergraduates at four-year institutions in the U.S.
    An analysis of the tuition price elasticity of international undergraduates at four-year institutions in the United States
    An analysis of transfer student success utilizing an initial college choice-persistence Nexus model
    Analysis of withdrawal reasons and mobility factors for Missouri's public school students with disabilities
    Analyzing the correlation between data usage and student performance on the Missouri Assessment Program