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    Evaluation of herbicide programs for the management of glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed in soybean [1]
    An evaluation of historical fire occurrence, drought, and the El Nio Southern Oscillation in the greater Cross Timbers region, U.S.A. [1]
    Evaluation of pre-formulated micronutrients products and their interactions with glyphosate on corn growth and yield [1]
    Evaluation of teosinte genetic diversity for agronomic and domestication traits in maize [1]
    Evaluation of the coat protein of the Tombusviridae as HR elicitor in Nicotiana section [1]
    Evaluation of the incidence, severity and forage nutritive value of common weed species in Missouri pastures [1]
    Evaluations of driftable fractions of dicamba and 2,4-D to selected herbaceous and woody plant species [1]
    Examination of host genetic determinants of the hypersensitive response in Nicotiana edwardsonii to CaMV and TMV [1]
    An exploration of mechanisms for Arabidopsis TCP transcription factor activity at an interface of development and immunity [1]
    Exploring broader roles of the plant immune regulator SRFR1 in plant development and defense [1]
    Exploring the symbiotic relationship of plants and microbes by mass spectrometry imaging [1]
    Extracellular ATP, apyrase and nodulation of non-legumes [1]
    Factors that influence the movement of Cauliflower mosaic virus in susceptible and resistant plants [1]
    Fatty acid variation between forage species and within populations and fatty acid content of beef finished on pasture with different forage species [1]
    Feeding the beast : macroeconomic drivers of leadership responses to foreign policy action and the gendered consequences for human trafficking [1]
    Field pennycress management in upstate Missouri [1]
    Flower production and effect of flower harvest on berry yields within six American elderberry genotypes [1]
    Function of abscisic acid in maintenance of maize primary root growth under water deficit [1]
    Functional analysis of drought responsive soybean GmNAC003 and GmNAC004 transcription factors in lateral root development in arabidopsis [1]
    Functional characterization of the Arabidopsis disease resistance gene RPS4 [1]