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    The 1898 Reform Movement, Britain, and China: an examination of four British writers on British-Chinese relations 1895-1900
    Abiding in the fields: pastoral care and society in late antiquity and Anglo-Saxon England
    Advocacy, human rights, and foreign policy: the case of Rwanda
    Agriculture During the Reagan Years
    Almanacs and American popular theology, 1730-1820
    Altar erected against altar: the impact of religious schisms in Missouri on the eve of the Civil War
    Americanizing Africanization : the Congo crisis, 1960-1967
    "The art of printing shall endure": journalism, community, and identity in New York City, 1800-1810
    At home in Babylon : Billy Sunday's revival team and evangelicalism in modern America
    The Bavarian model?: modernization, environment, and landscape planning in the Bavarian nuclear power industry, 1950-1980
    Becoming good girls and useful citizens: growing up poor, black, and female in Jim Crow era Missouri, 1909-1944
    The birth and death of a tar baby: Henry Kissinger and southern Africa
    Carolingian imperial authority : consolidation to dissolution, 751-870
    Celtic contribution to European culture during the early middle ages
    Citizens under the law: African Americans confront the justice system in Kentucky, Missouri, and Texas, 1790-1877
    Concealed authorship on the eve of the revolution: pseudonymity and the American periodical public sphere, 1766-1776
    Corrected above measure: indentured servants and domestic abuse in Maryland, 1650-1700
    Damn with faint praise: a historical commentary on Plutarch's On the fortune or virtue of Alexander the Great 1
    "The demise of in loco parentis in American higher education" : campus rules and student behavior at the University of Missouri, 1866 to 1975
    Destructive state interest and panhellenism in Thucydides