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    MAC layer resource allocation algorithms for OFDM/TDMA wireless networks [1]
    Maintaining the Segregated City?: Exploring the College Planning Experiences of Kansas City’s Urban Students of Color and the Implications on Their Access to Higher Education [1]
    Making the Connection: J.B. Murray and the Scripts and Forms of Africa [1]
    Making the Frontier’s Anatomical Engineers: Osteopathy, A. T. Still (1828–1917), his Acolytes and Patients [1]
    Male Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: Syndemic Theory, Minority Stress Theory, & the Community of Protective Measures [1]
    Masks [1]
    Mathematical Analysis of Compressive/Tensile Molecular and Nuclear Structures [1]
    Mathematical problem-solving styles in the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals [1]
    The Mathematics Emporium: Infusion of Instructional Technology into College Level Mathematics and Psychosocial Factors of Learning [1]
    Mathias and the Storm for Orchestra [1]
    Mating Type Specific Roles During The Sexual Cycle Of Phycomyces Blakesleeanus [1]
    Measurement And Improvement of Quality-of-Experience For Online Video Streaming Services [1]
    Mechanism of Action of Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase Mediated Signaling in Oxidative Stress [1]
    A medicare benefit expansion: inpatient clinical and economic outcomes in deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's Disease [1]
    Mentoring Latinx Students through Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies at a Predominately White Institution [1]
    Metabolomic Analysis of Bacterial Cell Wall Intermediates Using LC-MS/MS: Peptidoglycan Pathway Response to Different Antibiotics [1]
    Metals hosts in the Pennsylvanian Hushpuckney and Stark Black Shales from Selected Areas in Kansas City [1]
    Mexican-American Females and the Bachelor's Degree Challenges and Success Stories [1]
    Middle school communication arts teachers' perceptions of administrative support necessary for implementation of response to intervention [1]
    Middle School Teachers’ Perceptions of Administrator Influence on Teaching and Learning [1]