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    Papillary thyroid carcinoma arising from a mature teratoma in a cryptorchid testis: a case report
    Patient satisfaction and anxiety with informed consent delivered through informational video compared to the traditional physician interview [abstract]
    Patterns of brain growth in one FGFR2 mouse model for Apert Syndrome
    PGC-1α overexpression in primary hepatocytes increases fatty acid oxidation and mitochondrial content [abstract]
    Physical inactivity rapidly alters glycemic control in young, lean, previously active volunteers [abstract]
    Plasma miRNAs as novel biomarkers for breast cancer detection [abstract]
    Population history at the microscale: craniometrics of Cayo Santiago macaques
    Predictors of tonsillectomy after previous adenoidectomy for upper airway obstruction [abstract]
    Prevalence of dysphagia in traumatic brain injury [abstract]
    Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and insulin resistance among overweight children and adolescents: a database study
    Primary amyloidosis-a case report and future investigations [abstract]
    Protracted activation of the basal forebrain cholinergic neurons after binge ethanol exposure [abstract]
    Rare case of clear cell sarcoma in a young female
    Relationship between otitis media and temporal bone pneumatization [abstract]
    Reporting quality and system design concerns of voluntary medical incident reporting systems: a literature review [abstract]
    Retinal redox stress and ultrastructural remodeling in metabolic syndrome and diabetic retinopathy [abstract]
    Retrospective assessment of early growth characteristics in cerebral palsy subtypes
    Reversal of CNS autoimmunity by induction of oral tolerance to brain antigens mediated by antigen presenting cells of the lamina propria [abstract]
    The role of DNA methylation on gene expression in actue lymphoblastic leukemia
    RT-PCR on magnetically sorted B-cell subsets from pediatric bone marrow [abstract]