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    Impact of Mathematics Content Course Sequence on CBASE and Praxis II Scores of Elementary Teacher Candidates [1]
    Impact of Nurse Practitioner Practice Regulation on Access to Healthcare Services [1]
    The Impact of Organized Interests on Eligibility Determination: The Case of Veterans' Disability Compensation [1]
    The impact of part-time faculty on student retention : a case study in higher education [1]
    The impact of participation in a curricular learning community on academic success, academic and social integration, institutional commitment, and persistence of first-year students at Missouri State University [1]
    Impact of Privacy Exemptions in Open Records Laws on Computer-­‐assisted Reporting [1]
    The impact of Richard Wagner on Werner Herzog's film Nosferatu [1]
    The Impact of School District Financial Allocation on District Effectiveness: A Look at School Districts in Missouri [1]
    The impact of sexual experience on the development of sexual self-concept and global self-esteem during adolescence and young adulthood: a prospective analysis [1]
    The impact of Teach for America's summer institute on first-year TFA's experience in the Kansas City public schools [1]
    The impact of the distribution of economic activity on the gravity model estimation of international trade [1]
    The Impact of Webpage Complexity and Photo Intensity on Processing of Online News [1]
    The Impact of Welfare Reform On Infants & Toddlers, Their Families, & Their Communities: Families Entering the Work Force [1]
    The Impact of Welfare Reform On Infants & Toddlers, Their Families, & Their Communities: The Role of Early Head Start & Head Start [1]
    Impact of zymannase on growth performance, carcass characteristics, fat quality and processed meats in finishing barrow fed 30% dried distiller's grains with solubles [1]
    Impact the undergraduate student experience has on the development of alumni loyalty [1]
    Impacting the usability evaluation process : selecting testers based on their characteristics of field dependence-independence and domain knowledge [1]
    Impacts of Precipitation, Land use Land cover and Soil type on the Water Balance of Lake Chad Basin [1]
    Impeachment in Paraguay 2012: the case of Fernando Lugo [1]
    The implementation impact of continuous quality improvement (CQI) on teacher perceptions of CQI categories [1]