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    A case study of leadership traits of award-winning Missouri elementary principals from 2002 to 2013
    Case study of normal and high glucose laden cell response to cellular phone radiation using GTEM cell
    A case study of northwest Missouri state legislators' perceptions of the Missouri Teacher Tenure Act
    A case study of NPR music
    A Case Study of Organizational Culture Change in a Hospital
    A case study of peer-driven efforts to improve instructional effectiveness during teacher absences: Implications for school leaders in an era of accountability
    A case study of perceptions of teachers engaged in teaching reading to adolescent students in middle school
    A case study of perceptions of value for students at a private, liberal arts college in the Midwestern United States
    A case study of Pittsburg Magazine : an analysis of the use of Facebook and Twitter from the perspective of magazine editors and readers
    A case study of school district administrators' perceptions of teacher leadership in one northwest Missouri school district
    A case study of supercell thunderstorm merger and tornadogenesis [abstract]
    A case study of teachers' perceptions of student engagement in one Midwest rural high school
    A case study of the analysis of factors that occur with reading proficiency in one rural district in southeast Missouri
    A Case Study of the Cognitive Apprenticeship Model in Leadership Education
    A case study of the essential supports which make up the framework of a turnaround school
    A case study of the GARROBO Project
    A case study of the integration of technology and instruction in a rural midwestern school district
    A Case Study of the Internationalization of a Midwestern University English Composition Course Occurring in a 3-D Virtual Environment
    A case study of the perceptions of stakeholders regarding transformational leadership processes and structures implemented in a high poverty, high achieving school
    A case study of the progressive impact of school-wide positive behavior support on five selected student performance factors in a Missouri K-12 alternative public school