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    Does long-term use of metformin cause vitamin B12 deficiency? [1]
    Does low-dose aspirin reduce preeclampsia and other maternal-fetal complications? [1]
    Does low-dose aspirin therapy prevent preeclampsia in pregnant women at increased risk? [1]
    Does lower extremity DVT resolve radiologically in anticoagulated patients and how does this assist with therapy? [1]
    Does lowering a fever >101F in children improve clinical outcomes? [1]
    Does lowering diastolic BP to less than 90 mm Hg decrease cardiovascular risk? [1]
    Does Lybrel™ mean liberation from menses? [1]
    Does metformin prevent diabetes in at-risk adults? [1]
    Does microalbuminuria screening in diabetes prevent complications? [1]
    Does mindfulness-based cognitive therapy prevent relapse of depression compared with pharmacotherapy? [1]
    Does moderate exercise prevent MI for patients with coronary heart disease? [1]
    Does Music Have the Power to Affect Emotional Behavior, Character, and Morals? [1]
    Does neonatal circumcision decrease morbidity? [1]
    Does obesity affect outcomes for patients undergoing total knee replacement for osteoarthritis? [1]
    Does office spirometry improve quit rates in smokers? [1]
    Does omega-3 fatty acid supplementation provide cardiovascular benefits? [1]
    Does oral immunotherapy reduce the risk of a hypersensitivity reaction to poison ivy? [1]
    Does osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) during pregnancy reduce delivery-related or postpartum complications? [1]
    Does osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) improve length of hospital stay and feeding dysfunction in preterm infants? [1]
    Does physical therapy improve symptoms of fibromyalgia? [1]