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    The distribution of farm labor
    Distribution of Inverses in Polynomial Rings
    Distribution of labor and its relation to farm management
    The Distribution of Non-Commutative Rademacher Series
    Distribution of parallel vortices studied by spin-polarized neutron reflectivity and magnetization
    Distribution of the tax burden
    Distribution of What?: An Introduction
    Distribution to Whom?: An Introduction
    Distributional estimates for multilinear operators
    Distributional Properties of the Largest Prime Factor
    Distributive Justice
    District Workforce Development and Instructional Capacity: A Strategic Perspective
    District-level differences between school systems recognized for distinction in performance and those not thus recognized
    Ditch morning testosterone draws
    Divalent ion-binding and thermal stability studies on rat [beta]-parvalbumin and the evidence of influential distant amino acid residues affecting CD site ion affinity
    Diverse Struggles to Preserve Tribal Identity on the Plains: Religion as Survival Strategy in the Late Nineteenth Century among the Lakota and Osage
    Diversification in plant feeding insects: patterns of host-plant specialization and mating signal evolution inferred from species-level phylogeny and population genetics
    Diversionary diplomacy: domestic political effects on US-directed foreign policy in Russia
    Diversity & cultural competence in an academic health center: Organizational leadership in a complex system
    Diversity Begets Diversity: Hurricane Katrina Programming at the University of Missouri—Kansas City