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    Not so sweet: Honey for acute cough in children [1]
    Notes on his poems by a guy who observed them in their natural habitat [1]
    a novel [1]
    A Novel cell phone based application for tracking the vaccination coverage in rural communities [1]
    Novel design of multiphase reactors for Biomass-To-Liquid synthesis [abstract] [1]
    A novel framework for protein structure prediction [1]
    A novel method of face verification based on EM algorithm [1]
    Novel methods for preparation of modified 1-dimensional nanomaterials of titanium dioxide for environmental engineering applications [1]
    Novel Polycyclic Benzannulated Indole Scaffolds via Indole Aryne Cycloaddition, Pd (0)-Catalyzed Cross-coupling and ROM/RCM methodologies. Their Applications to Library Development and Drug Discovery [1]
    Novel targeted lipid prodrugs to improve cellular absorption of acyclovir and topical delivery to the eye via nanomicellar approach [1]
    Novel thin-film nanocomposite (TFN) membrne embedded with biomodal silica nanoparticles for water purification [1]
    “Now there's a good woman”: how rural life course events shape the response to cognitive decline in older women [1]
    Now you see it, now you don't :|preschoolers' sensitivity to spatiotemporal continuity [1]
    Le Nozze de Figaro [1]
    Nozze de Figaro [1]
    NQAR: Network Quality Aware Routing in Error-Prone Wireless Sensor Networks [1]
    NQAR: Network quality aware routing in error-prone wireless sensor networks [1]
    The NSDI Framework Data Survey [1]
    Nuclear Products of Cold Fusion by TSC Theory [1]
    Number Theoretic Designs for Directed Regular Graphs of Small Diameter [1]