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    Challenges and scaffolds for helping prospective teachers design science lessons using the 5E instructional mode
    Challenges of incorporating EU enlargement and CAP reform in the GOLD model framework
    The challenges of reporting on poverty
    Challenging national heterosexuality : a rhetorical analysis of campaign rhetoric for and against marriage equality in the November 2012 elections
    Chamber of Commerce 2008 Annual Planning Retreat
    Chamber Symphony
    The Chameleon Team
    Chances of dry periods
    Change in high-risk behaviors during the first college year categorized by gender, first-generation status, and admission index demographics as measured by the CIRP and YFCY
    Change in sludge settling and filtration properties and membrane fouling trends in MBR activated sludge systems operated at different solids and hydraulic retention times
    The Change of Form with Age in the Dairy Cow
    Change of Song and RC and Little Faye
    Changes in capital investments managed by selected Missouri farmers, 1965-1969
    Changes in dairying
    Changes in fatty acids profiles after three weeks of high-fat diet feeding in obesity-prone rats
    Changes in financial performance, Missouri local form supply cooperatives, 1983-1985
    Changes in Free Amino Acid Levels in the Blood of Growing Swine as an Index to Protein Quality and Availability
    Changes in Health Behavior and Opinions Among Open-country Families in Two Missouri Counties 1955-56 and 1968
    Changes in Ion Channel Expression Levels Following Axonal Injury in the Crustacean Stomatogastric Ganglion [abstract]
    Changes in Missouri farming since 1935