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    A data acquisition system that uses signal scavenging to detect activity on floor pads
    Data analysis for an eldercare sensor network [abstract]
    Data analytics in sports: improving the accuracy of NFL draft selection using supervised learning
    Data center resource management with temporal data center resource management with temporal dynamic workload
    Data control for signal scavenging for a personnel detection system
    Data description of paper: Validation of Kinect V2 in a full-body virtual reality rehabilitation game
    Data Discovery and the NSDI Framework Data Survey
    Data display for a signal scavenging personnel detection system
    Data Driven Decision-Making in Midwest Charter Schools: Teachers’ Experiences in the Classroom
    Data driven decisions in K-12 education: a comparative case study about data driven decisions in two rural K-12 school districts
    A data driven semantic framework for clinical trial eligibility criteria
    Data from: A multistate mark-recapture approach to estimating survival of PIT-tagged salamanders following timber harvest
    Data from: The Distribution of a Stream-breeding Salamander, Desmognathus ocoee, in Terrestrial Habitat Suggests the Ecological Importance of Low-order Streams
    Data Input
    Data journalism and democracy: how American mass media framed the 2016 presidential campaign in the United States using data visualization
    Data journalism at the Investigative Reporting Workshop and an examination of the Sunshine Law performance by state record custodians
    Data Journalism at the Las Vegas Sun
    Data mining extension for economics
    A data mining study of g-quadruplexes and their effect on DNA replication
    A Data mining study of ranking within social networks