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    An examination of relationship quality from an attachment perspective: empathy and relationship perfectionism as mediating factors
    The examination of safe sex message appeals, sex, and emotional responses on college students’ condom use attitudes, intentions, and self-efficacy
    An examination of school leader's perceptions of the impact of HIV/AIDS on selected primary schools in Zimbabwe
    Examination of specific amino acid residues of desulfovibrio desulfuricans cytochrome C₃ in electron transfer
    An examination of teacher perceptions of training methodology and matriculation as related to systemic technology reform: a case study of Missouri veteran eMINTS teachers
    An examination of the extracurricular activity participation, social skills, and school engagement of students with emotional and behavioral disorders
    An Examination of the Impact of a First Year Experience Course on STEM Persistence
    An examination of the impact of a principal's actions on the parent involvement of Latino immigrant parents
    An examination of the impact of parental drug use, family transition, and environmental conditions on adolescents' self-reported drug use, delinquency, and deviant behaviors
    An examination of the impact of voluntary disclosure on the post-earnings announcement drift
    An examination of the influence of Powerpoint lectures in higher education upon student assigned reading completion
    An examination of the leadership competencies within a community college leadership development program
    Examination of the levels of Cogitive Demand Required by Probability Tasks in Middle Grades Mathematics Textbooks
    An examination of the preparedness of principals through the portal of the high school assistant principalship
    An examination of the professional identity, work engagement, and job satisfaction of higher education staff members
    An examination of the relationship between perceived organizational commitment and internships
    An examination of the relationship between teacher characteristics, socioeconomic factors and statewide test performance of students with individual education plans
    An examination of the relationship of emotional intelligence levels to balanced leadership responsibilities and leadership effectiveness in high school principals
    Examination of the robustness of viscosity sensitive molecular rotors against chemical modification
    An examination of the study abroad advising process in a university context