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    The Effect of Improvisation in Given Rhythms on Rhythmic Accuracy in Sight Reading Achievement by Beginning College Group Piano Students
    The effect of inadequate rations on the composition of the blood and of the bone of chicks
    Effect of increasing live weight from 220 to 300 pounds on pork carcass characteristics
    Effect of increasing temperatures, 65 degrees to 95 degrees F., on the reflection of visible radiation from the hair of Brown Swiss and Brahman cows.
    Effect of increasing trimethylamine and organic matter concentration on stable carbon isotopes of methane produced in hypersaline, substrate limited environments
    The effect of Jumbotron advertising on the experience of attending major league baseball games
    Effect of lactation on blood progesterone concentrations in dairy cattle [abstract]
    The effect of lactation on growth
    Effect of lactic acid source on properties of silver carp restructured with alginate gel
    The effect of laryngeal nerve transection on swallowing function in a mouse model
    The effect of leadership development on first-year college students reported self-regulation and self-efficacy [abstract]
    The effect of level of detail and navigability on spatial size perception
    The effect of liming an acid soil on the growth of certain legumes
    Effect of limited food on growth of beef animals
    Effect of long exposure of environmental temperatures of 50 degrees and 80 degrees F on glutathione, BEI[superscript 131], and growth rate of dairy calves.
    The effect of maternal genotype, prenatal stress, and perinatal diet in offspring behavior in an animal model of autism
    Effect of menu-item placement on item-selection frequency [abstract]
    The effect of mGluR2 3 agonist, LY379268, and a mGluR4 positive allosteric modulator, VU0155041, on conditioned taste aversion
    The effect of mGluR7 antagonist treatment on a dopamine-induced murine model of obsessive-compulsive disorder
    Effect of microglia cell activation on neuronal cells in coculture [abstract]