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    Taxonomic composition and distribution of saucer bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha: Naucoridae) of Tanzania
    Theory and development of a camera-based noncontact vibration measurement system
    Three of a kind: how young adults engage with print, online and mobile platforms
    Topological organization of the trigeminal system in the lamprey and restoration following axonal regeneration
    Understanding federal preeminence in disaster management: a punctuated equilibrium approach
    Unraveling the fluid-present metamorphism of schists from garnet compositions in the Black Hills, South Dakota
    Unstructured road detection in color imagery for the purpose of the automatic detection of explosive devices
    "Until God shall visit the Earth": the role of covenant theology in the Qumran movement
    The use of a food based social network site in culinary education
    Viral video advertisements: uses and gratifications research
    Visualization of recommendation system results in a relation-preserving space
    The voice behind the microphone: media systems and United Nations peacekeeping in Hait and Cote d'Ivoire
    Walk detection using pulse-Doppler radar
    War so terrible : the informal theory of interstate warfare and the determinants of interstate war outcomes
    What is agritourism?: reconciling farmers, residents and extension faculty perspectives
    What, you care?: the effective use of aversive evoking content in viral videos for advocacy group advertising
    When welfare states retrench: the relationship between median voter prferences, government debt and welfare state outcomes in established democracies
    Winter bird densities and eastern wood-pewee breeding demography across a savanna-woodland-forest gradient in the Missouri Ozarks
    Wireless Signal Acquisition and Processing Techniques for Horse Lameness Detection and Evaluation
    Young Jordanian university students' perceptions of the U.S. geopolitical presence in the Middle East