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    Integration of exercise sciences research: Achieving a balance between reductionist versus integrative approaches [1]
    Lipotoxicity in smooth muscle [1]
    Maladaptation of cardiac and skeletal muscle in chronic disease: effects of exercise [1]
    The mechanism for paraquat toxicity involves oxidative stress and inflammation: a model for Parkinson's disease [1]
    Mechanisms of adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase-induced preconditioning in ischemia/reperfusion [1]
    Mechanisms of BKCa channel agonist NS-1619-elicited protection against oxidative stress from venules to arterioles [1]
    Metabolic and autonomic nervous system effects of bariatric surgery [1]
    Metabolic and functional consequences of adenylate kinase deficiency in skeletal muscle [1]
    Microenvironmental regulation of ovarian cancer dissemination via activation of the Wnt signaling pathway [1]
    Molecular control of endothelial lumen formation by Rho GTPases in three dimensional collagen matrices [1]
    Molecular control of endothelial tube formation from single and aggregated cells by lumen signalling complexes that contain MT1-MMP and CDC42 in 3D collagen matrices [1]
    Molecular mechanisms controlling endothelial cell-pericyte tube coassembly during vascular morphogenesis [1]
    Molecular mechanisms of tumor invasion in three-dimensional collagen matrices [1]
    Molecular physiology and pharmacology of the CFTR chloride channel [1]
    On the pharmacological action of certain organic derivatives of arsenic with special reference to salvarsan and sodium cacodylate [1]
    P2Y₂ nucleotide receptor up-regulation and function in submandibular gland epithelium [1]
    Peroxynitrite, pumps and perivascular adipose tissue: studies across the physiological spectrum [1]
    Pharmacological action of acetanilide, antipyrine & acetphenetidin on cardiac muscle [1]
    Pharmacological action of atropine on cardiac muscle [1]
    The pharmacological action of certain bromide salts [1]