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    Structural supramolecular constructs of spheres and tubes
    Studies of natural products that reveal novel strategies for efficient modification of DNA
    Studies of the chemistry of Tröger's base, cyclopentadienones, and 2,1-benzothiazines
    A study of selective attention in young autistic subjects
    A study of the school funding formula created by SB 287 in Missouri
    Sulfur metabolism in Glycine max [L.] Merr: characterization of serine acetyletransferase and O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase
    Superintendent search and selection practices in the State of Missouri
    Suspicious signs: effects of newscaster scripts, symbols and actions on audience perception of news organization bias
    Synthesis and evaluation of 105Rhodium(III) complexes derived from diaminodithioether (DADTE) ligands
    System modeling and control design of a two-stage metering poppet-valve system
    T cells from immunological memory to autoimmune disease
    Tainted gift? : harmful effects of a bad profit company's corporate social responsibility activity on the associated good nonprofit organization's future
    Teacher evaluation practices and teacher job satisfaction
    Tensile strength, shear strength, and effective stress for unsaturated sand
    Theory of photo-induced ferro-magnetism in dilute magnetic semiconductors
    Thermal image analysis using calibrated video imaging
    Thick filament regulation of myocardial contraction
    Three essays on banking: agency, opacity, and fragility
    Three essays on the corporate debt choice
    Topics in functional analysis and convex geometry