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    Identification of the significant competencies in graphic design
    Impact of alternate host phenology amd alternate hose-transgenic corn interactions on the Western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
    The impact of career counseling plus DISCOVER (Internet version) on the academic achievement of high school sophomores at risk for dropping out of school
    The impact of division II revenue and non-revenue sport participation on student engagement
    Impact of symptoms on quality of life in women with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and healthy women
    Implementation of the University of Missouri Terawatt Test Stand and the study of a large, multichanneling, laser tirggered gas switch
    Individual vs. systemic justice: using trust and moral outrage to predict reactions to vigilante murder
    The influence of early childhood education teacher's beliefs on curriculum implementation and classroom practice
    The interploidy hybridization barrier in Zea Mays L.
    Investigation of K₀ NAA at MURR and investigation of the toenail as a biomonitor for Mg, Zn, Cu, Se and Hg
    Investigation of the replacement of cysteine residues in DOTA-(Tyr³)-octreotate: synthesis, characterization and evaluation of biological activities
    Ion-selective electrodes for simultaneous real-time analysis for soil macronutrients
    It doesn't make any sense: self and strategies among college students with learning disabilities
    Lipotoxicity in smooth muscle
    The lived experience of Asian international students in online learning environments in higher education
    Living in the digital divide : the lived experience of students without access to computers & the internet
    Marital-property scheme, marriage promotion and matching market equilibrium
    The measurement of decoupled payments' effects on U.S. agricultural production
    Measuring the quality of informal home-based care programs
    Mechanism of matrix metalloproteinase-14 (mmp-14) regulation during atherosclerosis