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    The nature of talk in a kindergarten classroom: examining read aloud, guided reading, and literature discussion
    Nonlinear mechanics and testing of highly flexible one-dimensional structures using a camera-based motion analysis system
    Nonparametric and semiparametric methods for interval-censored failure time data
    A novel PCR based DNA microanalyzer system for detection of viral genome
    Opto-electronic class AB microwave power amplifier using photoconductive switch technology
    Organization of brain and spinal cord locomotor networks in larval lamprey
    Parabolic layer potentials and initial boundary value problems in Lipschitz cylinders with data in Besov spaces
    Participation in tax deferred retirement programs in a defined benefit environment
    Penetration of innovation: taming the unexplored interactions between information, knowledge and persuasion in the innovation-decision model
    Perceptions of STARR (Select Teachers as Regional Resources) teachers concerning their professional development experience
    Physical mechanisms of cell rearrangements: from tissue liquidity to artificial organ structures
    Pictures and pixels: digital photographic archives at newspapers, photographic agencies and libraries
    Place advocacy at Snowshoe Mountain Resort: a case study of a destination ski resort
    A plasma polymerization investigation and low temperature cascade arc plasma for polymeric surface modification
    Potential theory and harmonic analysis methods for quasilinear and Hessian equations
    Pricing to market when exchange rate changes and output level matters
    Privacy and senior adoption of assistive technology in residential care
    Reference frames and equations of motion in the first PPN approximation of scaler-tensor and vector-tensor theories of gravity
    The relationship between mitochondria and residual feed intake in feedlot cattle
    Relationship between participation in a residentially-based freshman interest group and degree attainment