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    Occupancy modeling of ruffed grouse in the Black Hills National Forest [1]
    Out of sight out of mind: factors in low levels of international news knowledge [1]
    Patria o muerte: ideograph and metanarrative in Cuban state-produced media during the battle of ideas [1]
    Phytase: anatomy of an invisible win-win technology [1]
    Point of view: examining the magazine industry standard [1]
    Polarimetric radar processing of AIRSAR imagery from Los Angeles basin region [1]
    Political action committee behavior in the era of soft money and bipartisan campaign reform [1]
    Postwar masculine identity in Ann Bannon's I am a woman [1]
    A practical approach to the cyclic multi-bin joint replenishment problem [1]
    Prediction of clinical events in elderly using sensor data: a case study on pulse pressure [1]
    PRIMEGENSv2: a service based platform using object oriented model view controller design pattern [1]
    Progestin regulation of follicular dynamics in beef cattle [1]
    Pronghorn migration and resource selection in southwestern North Dakota [1]
    Propagation of polarized light in skeletal muscle [1]
    A quantitative content analysis of errors and inaccuracies in Missouri newspaper information graphics [1]
    Reconsidering the paleorange of Fagus grandifolia [1]
    Regulation of calcium signaling by p130PH in astrocytes [1]
    Remembering and forgetting concurrently: new benefits of high working memory span [1]
    Remote health monitoring for asset management [1]
    Response of micropiles in earth slopes from large-scale physical model tests [1]