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    Eatopia: aesthetic spaces of collective food consumption in contemporary art
    The Ebb and flow of policy, economics, and science: an analysis of policy drivers in the Missouri River Basin
    Ecological Regionalism: A Synthesis of Ecological Economics and Organicist Regionalism
    The Economic Water Model - a method and software program for assessing the impacts of storm water "green solutions" in urban areas
    Effect of Cooling Rates on Mineralization in Portland Cement Clinker
    Effect of Earthquake and Human Migration on Land Cover and Mass Wasting from The 2010 Haiti Earthquake
    Effect of electric fields on the synthesis of nanoparticles of tin and silicon in a liquid environment
    The Effect of Emotion Stimulus Intensity on the selection and Implementation of Distraction and Reappraisal as Emotion Regulation Strategies
    The Effect of Peer Presence on Risk Taking Behavior Among Late Adolescents
    The effect of school discipline on students' social bonds
    The effect of social service agencies on crime rates in Kansas City, Missouri
    The Effect of Stress on Prosocial Sharing Behavior in Young Adults
    Effect of stroke location on the laryngeal cough reflex and pneumonia risk
    The Effect of Thermal Annealing on Phase Separation in Organic Photovoltaic Films
    The effect of violent video game exposure on emotion modulation of startle and aggression
    The effect of violent video game play on emotion modulation of startle
    The effectiveness of redesigning college algebra with a heavy focus on instructional technology
    Effects of a violence prevention program on the aggressive scripts and prosocial behavior of "high risk" students
    The effects of age and gender on optimistic bias and stereotype salience for cardiovascular disease in college students
    The Effects of Math Recovery on the Low-Performing Mathematics Student