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    Qiuci fantasy for full orchestra
    A Quack on Trial: Advertising and Education in Missouri's Medical Marketplace, 1850--1890
    Quaerere Sententias I
    A Qualitative investigation of patients' transitional states of engagement in HIV-related medical care
    Qualitative Software Engineering and Parallel Sorting Algorithm for Real Numbers
    A Qualitative Study of African-American Parents’ Perceptions of Parental Involvement
    A qualitative study of relationship building between alternative high school students and their teachers
    A Qualitative Study of Relationships between Middle Grade African American Males Who Are Underachieving and Their Teachers
    A qualitative study of the Extended Care Permit dental hygienists in Kansas
    Quality and intensity of pain associated with continuously applied orthodontic stresses of relatively high and low magnitudes
    A quality metric to improve wrapper feature selection in multiclass subject invariant brain computer interfaces
    Quality of life in individuals with eating disorders
    Quality of service and channel-aware packet bundling for capacity improvement in cellular networks
    A Quantitative Exploration of the Educational Paths to Completion Taken by First Generation College Students and Students Who Have a Parent with A Four-Year College Degree
    Queen of Heaven for piano and electronics
    Racial Identification Fluidity and Psychological Outcomes from Adolescence Through Young Adulthood
    Racial microaggressions and its impact on supervisees of color in cross-racial counseling supervision
    Racial residential segregation in the Kansas City area: a comparative study between Blacks and Hispanics
    The Radical Frances Wright and Antebellum Evangelical Reviewers: Self-Silencing in the Works of Sarah Josepha Hale, Lydia Maria Child, and Eliza Cabot Follen
    Raman, Infrared and Microwave Spectra, Conformational Stability, R₀ Structural Parameters and Vibrational Assignments of Some Organoamines, Organophosphines, Alcohols And Substituted Four And Five Membered Rings