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    Location prediction and trajectory optimization in multi-UAV application missions [1]
    Marginal and conditional posterior predictive p-values in Bayesian SEM [1]
    Measuring efficiency of federally qualified health centers : a multi model approach using data envelopment analysis (DEA) & latent class analysis (LCA) [1]
    Middle school students' perceptions of outdoor classrooms for science learning [1]
    Migrations of love and circumstance: a history of intimacy and policy in the migration of Italian war brides, 1943-1954 [1]
    Modeling of the acoustic signal of an electric guitar amplifier using recurrent neural networks [1]
    Molecular regulation of fetal brain development in pigs [1]
    Neotectonic assessment of the southern Wassuk Range, western Nevada [1]
    Nudging meat eaters towards plant-based meat alternatives : an online supermarket experiment [1]
    On equity and authenticity: decolonizing imagery of nigeria [1]
    Paternal effects on pre-implantation embryo development in cattle [1]
    Penelope : digital exhibition [1]
    Prospective evaluation of the fecal microbiome in dogs with large-cell lymphoma receiving chop chemotherapy [1]
    Prosthetic foot design with biomimetic ankle mechanism [1]
    A reappraisal of mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition within the endometrium [1]
    The relationship between tooth extraction and changes in blood microbiome in horses [1]
    Remodeling the narrative of women and the built environment in the Middle Ages [1]
    Rose O'Neill's Sweet Monsters : an exploration in motherhood and romantic love in early 20th century America [1]
    Sasi and community engangement in marine protected area: a qualitative case study of ay island, maluku, indonesia [1]
    Securing cloud-hosted applications using active defense with rule-based adaptations [1]