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    Advances nanodielectric material characterization and scaling for further size reduction in compact ultra-high voltage capacitor prototypes [1]
    Agroforestry adoption: influential factors, land manager perceptions, and willingness-to-accept payments [1]
    Analysis of audio data to measure social interaction in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder using speaker diarization and identification [1]
    Application of microturbines in improving the energy efficiency of municipal wastewater treatment plants in Missouri. [1]
    An applied economic analysis of the demand for pork primal cuts [1]
    Applying T.G. Page's scale for measuring base crisis response : a series of crises at the University of Missouri in fall 2015 [1]
    Assessing costs and environmental impacts of municipal food waste treatment options in Columbia, Missouri : a decision support tool integrating life cycle analysis and robust optimization [1]
    Assessing fall velocity-maximum dimension relationships and particle size distributions for snowfall [1]
    Assessing Missouri soybean fields for azoxystrobin resistant cercospora sojina [1]
    Assessing the occurrence of cyanotoxins in two urban reservoirs through a community science monitoring program [1]
    Assessment of growth, performance, and end-product value when high oleic soybean oil is fed to market hogs, broiler chickens and laying hens [1]
    An assessment of the light and nutrient regimes constraining phytoplankton dynamics in Missouri reservoirs [1]
    Associations between genetic risk for trait aggression and alcohol use predicting alcohol-related aggression [1]
    Attenuation of low frequency pressure pulsations [1]
    Audience perceptions of female characters in Chinese documentaries [1]
    Automated defense against targeted attacks using suspiciousness tracking [1]
    Bacterial culture and susceptibility of samples taken from septic foot lesions of adult beef cattle [1]
    The battle for the bonus: world war i veterans and the debate for adjusted-compensation [1]
    Bias filtered: internalized racial oppression, experiences of racism, and well-being and authenticity among black americans [1]
    Bridging and bounding Asian-ness in hip-hop : a content analysis of Asian hip-hop lyrics and media discourse [1]