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    Does daily monitoring of blood glucose predict hemoglobin A1c levels?
    Does daily use of fish oil by pregnant women affect the newborn?
    Does delivery position affect the frequency or severity of perineal lacerations?
    Does Depo-Provera (depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate [DMPA]) affect milk supply of lactating women in the early postpartum period?
    Does depression adversely affect outcomes in asthma?
    Does depression and anxiety led to overeating in children?
    Does dietary fat reduction alter the risk of cardiovascular events in women?
    Does dietary restriction of certain foods prior to age 1 reduce the incidence of allergies?
    Does dietary restriction of certain foods prior to age one reduce the incidence of allergies?
    Does Difference Make a Difference? Women Foreign Policy Leaders and State Conflict Behavior
    Does digoxin decrease morbidity for those in sinus rhythm with heart failure?
    Does DTC advertising affect physician prescribing habits?
    Does early detection of renovascular hypertension improve outcomes?
    Does early detection of suspected atherosclerotic renovascular hypertension change outcomes
    Does early insertion of tympanostomy tubes improve developmental outcomes of children with chronic middle ear effusion?
    Does eating a raw food diet prevent or treat diabetes?
    Does echinacea prevent and treat the common cold?
    Does ego threat increase paranoia?
    Does elastic therapeutic tape (Kinesio tape/KT tape) help alleviate musculoskeletal extremity pain?
    Does empathy matter in treating the common cold?