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    QA/QC and Risk Management [1]
    QRS qualitative themes [1]
    A qualitative analysis of elementary teachers' perceptions about the impact of the IPI process on classroom practices [1]
    Qualitative analysis of the impact of a mass shooting on a broadcast journalist [1]
    A qualitative case study investigating the graduation and job placement outcomes of college students with autism spectrum disorder: implications for higher education leaders [1]
    A qualitative examination of the support systems impacting the African American student persistence, retention and graduation at a predominantly white, research-extensive, land-grant Midwestern university [1]
    A qualitative exploration of Latino immigrant integration in the rural Midwest : long-term resident and immigrant perspectives [1]
    A qualitative instrumental case study investigating the interrelatedness of adult learning theory, targeted professional development, and the creation of professional learning communities during the implementation of an elementary school improvement model [1]
    A qualitative study of the perceptions of the use of the teacher work sample methodology in student teaching [1]
    Quality characteristics of ground round formulated with three fat sources [1]
    Quality for Keeps: Freezing Fruits [1]
    Quality Rating Systems: Major Findings from Four States [1]
    Quantification of absorbed doses from radioactive gold nanoparticles and chromium 51 seed implants [1]
    Quantifying bottomland hardwood forest and agricultural grassland evapotranspiration in floodplain reaches of a mid Missouri stream [1]
    Quantifying microclimate heterogeneity within a contemporary plant growth facility [1]
    Quantifying urban stormwater suspended sediment particle size class distribution in the central U.S. [1]
    A quantitative and qualitative inquiry into classroom incivility in higher education [1]
    Quantitative trait loci analysis of four components of Fusarium head blight resistance in the soft red winter wheat cultivar Truman [1]
    Quantum Nucleodynamics (QND): The theory underlying the lattice simulation of LENR transmutations [1]