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    2014 Ebola newspaper coverage: through the lens of orientalism
    Accessibility and social responsibility : exploring barriers to access on news websites for people who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing
    Acculturation levels and brand perceptions of Hispanic female consumers
    "Acting white" on social media : a study of African Americans' racial identity performance on Twitter
    Advertising ethics: a client perspective
    Advertising following negative publicity: the effect of content arousal on positivity and attitude toward the brand after a corporate crisis
    Advertising on Facebook fan pages: the influence of self-referencing appeals and ad types on consumers' attitudes and purchase intentions
    Advertising to Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Ys
    Advocating for the voiceless : a study on the persuasive effectiveness of human trafficking awareness PSAs
    Affecting public opinions via social media--opinion leaders use of Weibo
    After the crop: the impact of downsizing on photojournalism quality
    Agenda-setting effects of television news coverage on perceptions of corporate reputation
    Alumni motivations and social media for engagement
    American discourse on China: a cross-time comparison of U.S. news framing of China's one-child policy, 1979-2009
    The American newsroom in the new era: factors that influence the adoption or rejection of new technologies by non-management newspaper news producers
    Anger, efficacy, and identity in activism: public perceptions of threat appraisal, attitudes, and behavioral intention
    anonymous online comments and gatekeeping in the digital realm
    Antecedents of website credibility: a qualitative analysis
    Are universities "selling" online programs through agenda setting?
    Argument quality in Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting