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    "Acting white" on social media : a study of African Americans' racial identity performance on Twitter [1]
    Advertising ethics: a client perspective [1]
    Advocating for the voiceless: A study on the persuasive effectiveness of human trafficking awareness PSAs [1]
    Affecting Public Opinions via Social Media – Opinion Leaders Use of Weibo [1]
    anonymous online comments and gatekeeping in the digital realm [1]
    Beyond political differences: the influence of exposure to disagreements and the mediating role of emotional responses on selective exposure [1]
    Bridging the visual-verbal divide in college mass communications programs [1]
    A case study of NPR music [1]
    A CASE STUDY OF PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE: An analysis of the use of Facebook and Twitter from the perspective of magazine editors and readers [1]
    Come away with me: the uses and gratifications of leisure travel magazine readership [1]
    Constructing scarcity: a rhetorical analysis of natural resource journalism [1]
    A content analysis of reproductive health articles in and [1]
    A content analysis of sex articles in women's and men's lifestyle and health magazines [1]
    Creating a culture : [1]
    Credibility concerns for online newspapers: do reporter comments influence perceptions of credibility? [1]
    Crime against the body: an embodied cognition study of how platform affects responses to crime news [1]
    Crying in the wilderness : the outlaw and poet in Ben Hecht's militant Zionism [1]
    Cultural analysis of hero frames in American and North Korean media: focusing on tragedy and glorification [1]
    Editing for taste in a 24-hour news cycle : balancing immediacy and sensationalism against the role of the journalist in the case of Nodar Kumaritashvili [1]