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    A hierarchical Bayesian analysis of multiple order constraints in behavioral science
    The influences of perceived discrimination, religious coping and personal control on psychological distress among East Asian students in the U.S.
    Investigating the role of arginine 21 in the structure and function of human [alpha]A-crystallin
    Investigating the role of arginine 21 in the structure and function of human [alpha]a-crystallin
    Learning human poses in natural scenes
    Local quantities and topological invariants of hermitian matrices
    Longitudinal links between marital quality and prosocial behavior in adolescence : the mediating roles of coparenting and adolescents' emotion regulation and sympathy
    Make America politically incorrect (again) : a genealogy with applications to the 2016 presidential campaign
    Non-emergency exits : voluntary retirements from legislatures
    Novel protective modifiers in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy
    A novel role for the ATP7A copper transporter in cancer
    Peptide Amphiphile micelles (pams)-biomolecular materials capable of modulating the immune system
    Peptide Amphiphile micelles (pams)-biomolecular materials capeble of modulating the immune system
    Periconceptional, gestational, and lactational exposure to unconventional oil and gas chemical mixture alters energy expenditure in adult female mice
    A phenomenological study of lived experiences of learning communties in online courses among undergraduate pre-service teachers
    Photosynthesis and heat tolerance of soybean
    Plasma treatment effects on resin-based tooth restoration improvements
    Plastic and evolved morphological responses of the hind limb skeleton to mechanical loading in mice
    Pluton source varition over two magmatic pulses in the white-inyo range, central-eastern California : implications for paleozoic and mesozoic tectonic reconstructions
    Preventing unjust wars, and lesser aggression