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    Rapid industrial furnace thermal modeling for improved fuel efficiency
    Ratiometric techniques to determine fluid viscosity using molecular rotors
    Re-examining the effects of contribution limits on campaign expenditures in gubernatorial elections
    Reaching union families: collective identity, union advantages and the American ethos
    Resource selection by black-footed ferrets in relation to the spatial distribution of prairie dogs
    The resurgence of the moral novel in the wake of 9-11
    Reviewing the image of the photojournalist in film: how ethical dilemmas shape stereotypes of the on-screen press photographer in motion pictures from 1954 to 2006
    Risk and stability of phosphate-immobilized lead in contaminated urban soil and mining sites in the Jasper County Superfund Site
    The role of duty-based ethics in public relations: an ethical justification model for the actions of crisis communicators
    The role of electronic medical record in nation care delivery, development: case study on Ghana
    The role of photography in Peru's truth and reconciliation process
    The role of public relations education in preparing students for managerial roles
    Roots of oral tradition in the Arabian Nights: an application of oral performance theory to the "Story of the King of China's Hunchback"
    Row construction and accompaniment in Luigi Dallapiccola's Il Prigioniero
    Rural and urban breast cancer patients: differential relationships between coping responses and psychological adjustment
    Safety evaluation of large truck-passenger vehicle interactions and synthesis of safety corridors
    Satisfaction across a multi-day outdoor recreation event
    Scene matching between a quantitative map and a qualitative hand drawn sketch
    The seasonal occurrence, soil distribution and flight characteristics of Curculio sayi (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in mid-Missouri
    Seeing into the mirror: the reality of fiction in the work of Carrie Mae Weems