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  • Dialysis in the acute setting 

    Malhotra, Kunal (2015-10)
    Acute kidney injury (AKI) is frequently encountered in the hospital setting. It may be present on admission or may develop during the hospital stay. Early and consistent recognition of AKI has been a challenge. This has ...
  • The effect of medication prophylaxis on the incidence of delirium in elderly patients undergoing orthopedic surgery : A meta-analysis 

    Manandhar, Nila; Naqvi, Syed (2015-10)
    Delirium is common in the post-operative period in patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery, and the elderly are especially vulnerable. It leads to increased costs, longer hospital stays and higher rates of discharge ...
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  • Ask a pathologist 

    Kneib, Jessica; Coberly, Emily (2015-10)
    Question: While completing the transfusion of one unit of packed red blood cells, my patient's temperature rose from 37.2[degrees]C to 38.4[degrees]C, without any other associated symptoms. What are the next steps I ...
  • Meckel’s diverticulum found on virtual capsule endoscopy 

    Mandalia, Amar; Hinrichs, Benjamin; Dhere, Tanvi (2015-10)
    A healthy 39-year-old Caucasian male presented to an emergency department with three episodes of hematochezia over two days, along with a syncopal episode and diaphoresis. An upper endoscopy revealed mild esophagitis and ...
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  • Ask a pathologist 

    Coberly, Emily (2015-07)
    QUESTION: What is the difference between packed red blood cells that are called "CMV negative" and those that are called "CMV safe"?
  • An unusual case of late recurrent Hodgkin lymphoma presenting with soft tissue masses 

    Deng, Aileen; Javad, Asad; Uppal, Guldeep; Kasner, Margaret (2015-07)
    Hodgkin lymphoma remains primarily a nodal disease. Extranodal involvement in Hodgkin lymphoma is less common than that seen in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In particular, extranodal Hodgkin lymphoma involving soft tissues is ...
  • Isolated intestinal angioedema induced by an ACE-inhibitor 

    Hampel, Paul; Chela, Harleen; Irish, John; Parker, Rochelle (2015-07)
    INTRODUCTION: We report a case of isolated angioedema in a patient who presented with severe abdominal pain shortly after starting Lisinopril for treatment of hypertension. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 26 year old female presented ...
  • Case analysis : Ethical issues in predictive genetic testing of minors for adult-onset hereditary conditions 

    Wahidi, Lila; Brandt, Lea; Sherman, Jan; Sherman, Michael (2015-04)
    Introduction: Predictive genetic testing for adult-onset conditions in children is an issue that has initiated ethical discussions and polarized views. Case Presentation: A genetic counselor is contacted by a mother ...
  • Widespread rash in an immunocompromised 31-year-old female : Case report and literature search 

    Grumke, Adam; Rojas-Moreno, Christian (2015-04)
    A 31-year-old female presents with a widespread vesicular and papular rash involving her anterior and posterior trunk, proximal extremities, neck, and face with sparing of soles and palms. Her past medical history ...
  • Image of the month 

    Kelly, Meghan; Rojas-Moreno, Christian (2015-04)
    The most likely diagnosis is: 1. Toxic megacolon 2. Colonic obstruction secondary to adhesions 3. Colonic pseudo-obstruction 4. Shigellosis
  • Non-traumatic muscle pain in a diabetic 

    Mullick, Monalisa; McDonough, Cheryl (2015-04)
    The prevalence of diabetes in the adult population in United States is approximately 10[percent] and is expected to rise. The myriad of complexities of this entity, both microvascular and macrovascular is anticipated to ...
  • Antibiotic de-escalation in culture-negative healthcare-associated pneumonia 

    Rojas-Moreno, Christian (2015-04)
    The guidelines from the American Thoracic Society (ATS) and the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) recommend "early, appropriate antibiotics in adequate doses, while avoiding excessive antibiotics by de-escalation ...
  • Rheumatoid pleural effusions and trapped lung : An uncommon complication of rheumatoid arthritis 

    Stout, Jessica; Hayes, David; Rojas-Moreno, Christian; Clary, Kevin; See, William (2015-04)
    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disease affecting approximately 1[percent] of the population. It is familiarly defined as "chronic, symmetric, debilitating and destructive inflammatory polyarthritis characterized by ...
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  • Ask a pathologist 

    Coberly, Emily (2015-04)
    QUESTION: My patient has thrombocytopenia, but after the last platelet transfusion his platelet count only increased from 21,000/μL to 26,000/μL. Does he need crossmatched platelets?
  • Uncommon presentation of pernicious anemia, hypothyroidism, and pericardial effusion 

    Manandhar, Nila; Yerram, Sushma; Kodali, Lavanya (2015-01)
    Introduction: Pernicious anemia is not commonly investigated as an etiology for Vitamin B12 deficiency. However, it is associated with other autoimmune disorders and may be linked with H. pylori infections as well as an ...
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  • Ask a pathologist 

    Coberly, Emily (2015-01)
    QUESTION: I am suspicious that my patient with aortic stenosis may have acquired von Willebrand syndrome. What laboratory tests should I order if I suspect this diagnosis?

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