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    Lean and mean : determining how hiring multimedia journalists transforms communications teams [1]
    Mitigation of summertime boar infertility by evaporative and conductive cooling [1]
    Mother adolescent relationships and mental health five years later : the moderating effect of chronic medical conditions [1]
    New perspective on the role of conceptus estrogens in conceptus development, maternal recognition, and the establishment of pregnancy in pigs. [1]
    New slip and stress distributions hold implications for the next great earthquake in Cascadia [1]
    Nitrogen management strategies to improve corn growth and reduce soil greenhouse gas emissions from claypan soils [1]
    Non-intrusive energy use efficiency index for assessing energy efficiency of a home [1]
    Non-invasive monitoring of vital signs using recliner chair and respiratory pattern analysis [1]
    Numerical study of shock driven multiphase systems with reactions [1]
    Off grid solar system for profitable energy source in Missouri [1]
    An optimization model for the World Food Programme's "protracted relief and recovery operations" in Chad [1]
    Optimizing omni-channel grocery shopping : marketing communications strategies for independent grocery retailers [1]
    Parametric study of the shock driven multiphase flow [1]
    Paternal developmental exposure to endometriosis causes negative transgenerational impacts on male fertility [1]
    Perforated sovereignty : the geopolitical dilemma of Aegean hydrocarbons [1]
    Physiological and pharmacological characterization of the N1303K mutant CFTR [1]
    Post-construction verification of hydraulic conductivity of soil in an earthen dam [1]
    Preventing inaccurate media : a gatekeeping analysis of how news managers are overseeing the process of citizen journalism [1]
    Psychosis risk is associated with decreased white matter integrity in corticostriatal tracts [1]
    The pulpits and the damned witchcraft in German postils, 1520-1615 [1]