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    Sandoz Writing (Righting) History
    Satellite-based assessment of invasive vegetation in Lake Chad Basin, West Africa
    Scientific Evidence on the Environmental and Health Effects of Land Application of Biosolids
    Searching for Interacting Early Type Galaxies at Late Cosmic Times
    Seismic characteristics and strain of coal during the sorption of CO2 and CH4
    Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of Scoured Bridge Systems
    Sequential Designs with Application in Software Engineering
    Setting the Stage for Kansas City talent and Diversity The KC Meltingpot Theatre
    Several ways of seeing
    Sexual assault Prevention Programs: Examining the effects on Middle School Adolescents' Attitudes and Behaviors
    Shadows and light - a story collection
    The shepherd of the hills
    The show-man goes to war: a full-length play
    Simulating Urban Landscape Transformation: Implications for Urban Wetlands at Multiple Scales
    Smokey the ‘Praying’ Bear: Changing Cultural Attitudes Towards Nature in America During the Postwar Era, 1948 - 1958
    Smoking cessation counseling: What do physicians really say and how do they say it?
    Social Support and Health Behaviors in Cardiac Rehabilitation: Depression as a Mediator
    Socioeconomic Status, Acculturation, Family Characteristics, and Health Behaviors: Testing the Reserve Capacity Model with Hispanic Adolescents
    Some Alternatives to Model Selection and New Approaches to Computing for the Economics. 12/6/2014
    "Something at Least Human": Transatlantic (Re)Presentations of Creole Women in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture