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    Understanding the partners in policymaking program and the impact of participation on parents of children with developmental disabilities
    Until We See His Blessed Face: Sight as Privileged Insight in the Spirituality of Margery Kempe
    Using current sensing atomic force microscopy to study heterogeneous materials
    Validation of a test assessing functional capacity in stroke survivors: UCSD performance-based skills assessment (UPSA)
    VELAS: a fully-distributed daily hydrologic feedback model with emphasis on vegetation, land cover, and soil water dynamics
    A veritable revolution: the Court of Criminal Appeal in English criminal history 1908-1958
    Visual narratives and the portrait busts of Edmonia Lewis
    Whereof we cannot speak
    Why Geography Matters: How geography and path dependency have aided in the black and white divide in Kansas City, MO
    Wichita Barren
    Women Artistic Directors in Kansas City and Their Processes
    The Women of reform: Kansas eugenics
    The Work of Contemplation Then and Now: The Cloud of Unknowing and Present-Day Christian Mystical Practice
    Wreckage, Hell, and Madness: American Drug Films and the Image of the User, 1923-1936
    Writing in Africa, about Africa, for Africans as an American
    Yemen Mobility: Utilizing a Longue Durée and Oral History Approach to Understand Yemeni-American Migration
    The yield strength of molybdenum under pressure and temperature
    You People: A Collection of Stories and Essays
    You seem anxious
    The young Thomas Jefferson's geographic thought, 1743 - 1784