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    Turning the doorknob: esssays, stories, and poems [1]
    Twelve dead jackrabbits : stories & poems [1]
    The Un'Gathering of the Tribes: performing, writing, and remaking masculine identity at 1990s alternative rock festivals [1]
    Understanding the partners in policymaking program and the impact of participation on parents of children with developmental disabilities [1]
    Until We See His Blessed Face: Sight as Privileged Insight in the Spirituality of Margery Kempe [1]
    Using current sensing atomic force microscopy to study heterogeneous materials [1]
    Validation of a test assessing functional capacity in stroke survivors: UCSD performance-based skills assessment (UPSA) [1]
    VELAS: a fully-distributed daily hydrologic feedback model with emphasis on vegetation, land cover, and soil water dynamics [1]
    A veritable revolution: the Court of Criminal Appeal in English criminal history 1908-1958 [1]
    Visual narratives and the portrait busts of Edmonia Lewis [1]
    Why Geography Matters: How geography and path dependency have aided in the black and white divide in Kansas City, MO [1]
    The Women of reform: Kansas eugenics [1]
    The Work of Contemplation Then and Now: The Cloud of Unknowing and Present-Day Christian Mystical Practice [1]
    Wreckage, Hell, and Madness: American Drug Films and the Image of the User, 1923-1936 [1]
    Writing in Africa, about Africa, for Africans as an American [1]
    Yemen Mobility: Utilizing a Longue Durée and Oral History Approach to Understand Yemeni-American Migration [1]
    The yield strength of molybdenum under pressure and temperature [1]
    You People: A Collection of Stories and Essays [1]
    You seem anxious [1]
    The young Thomas Jefferson's geographic thought, 1743 - 1784 [1]