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    Characterizing hormesis and the in vitro effects of sub-lethal fungicide exposure in sclerotinia homoeocarpa [1]
    Children's evaluation of everyday social encounters questionnaire -- short form validation [1]
    Chronomorphic characterization and radiolytic degradation analysis of polyurethane with monte carlo modeling of the neutron spectra surrounding age pettrace cyclotron [1]
    Comparison of left 4th and 5th intercostal space thoracotomy for open-chest cardiopulmonary resuscitation in dogs [1]
    Contactless extraction of respiratory rate from depth and thermal sensors [1]
    Controlling the kinematics of the left ventricle to treat resistant hypertension [1]
    Correlation of site variability from SASW and CPT measurements [1]
    Deep learning bandgaps of topologically doped graphene [1]
    Deepnet : an extensible data acquisition and curation framework supporting computer vision deep learning research [1]
    Design and characterization of a hand-held, waveguide-mediated, optoacoustic imaging probe for analyzing burn wounds [1]
    Design and simulation of automatic tape winding system [1]
    Detection of gust fronts using the doppler velocity derived divergence product [1]
    Determination of the scale of fluctuation of cone penetration test data obtained from an alluvial site in Missouri [1]
    Determining electrofishing response thresholds of smallmouth bass (micropterus dolomieu), flathead catfish (pylodictus olivaris), and blue catfish (ictalurus furcatus) [1]
    Developing clean label emulsifier based on whey protein and pectin complexes [1]
    Development and analysis of a FOXA2 conditional overexpression mouse model [1]
    Development of a novel antimicrobial food packaging film containing silver nanoparticles [1]
    Dietary inflammatory index in patients with Alzheimer's dementia compared to controls [1]
    A digestive phospholipase a2 in Midguts of worker honey bees, Apis mellifera : significance in lipid nutrition and health [1]
    Direct from sample phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing [1]