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    Floor sensor development using signal scavenging for personnel detection system [1]
    Gas pumping efect from dielectrophoretically driven liquid droplet in a closed microfluidic channel [1]
    Gas pumping effect from dielectrophoretically driven liquid droplet in a closed microfluidic channel [1]
    A high efficiency ejector refrigeration system [1]
    Investigation of polarimetric coherence optimization in persistent scatterer interferometry [1]
    Ion transport modeling for retinal rod photoreceptor cells [1]
    Long-term preventive effects of multisystemic therapy on criminality in siblings of juvenile offenders [1]
    Models and algorithms for complex system optimization problems :|applications to hospital layout and LED traffic signal maintenance [1]
    Now you see it, now you don't :|preschoolers' sensitivity to spatiotemporal continuity [1]
    Optimal routing in a high threat environment :|models and algorithms [1]
    Patients with venous thromboembolism have higher prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea than the general population [1]
    Pharmacologic and gene therapy modalities in the reduction of corneal fibrosis [1]
    The production, applications and economic study of activated carbon for large scale production including an educational study on undergraduate laboratory modules [1]
    Rapid isolation of target bacteria from complex matrices [1]
    Sensor coverage and actors relocation in wireless sensor and actor networks (WSAN) :|optimization models and approximation algorithms [1]
    Three-dimensional body scanning :|a novel technique for body composition assessment [1]
    Translocation and Conservation of Hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) in Missouri [1]
    An unintended order :|the centrality of character and circumstance in the twelfth-century Gilbertine communities [1]
    Upgrading conventional cold-formed steel connections to protect against moderate blast events [1]
    Winter road maintenance resource allocation models [1]