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    Interchange alternative selection based on analysis of operational measures
    Interest group activity and the political process: examining the origins of the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984
    Interface design and field validation of the crop water use application
    Interior decoration for boys and girls in the public schools
    Intermedilysin-mediated cell ablation in the rat and zebrafish
    Internal colonialism and social control in the Age of Terror: the FBI's war on Islamic charities following the September 11th Attacks of 2001
    Internalizing introjected goals through reflective writing
    Internalizing symptoms and friendships in adolescence: considering the role of interpersonal behavior in rejection and contagion effects
    International and citizen faculty in the United States: an examination of their productivity and job satisfaction
    The International Baccalaureate program : access and navigation of underrepresented students
    International trade: costs, coercion, and conflict
    Interplanting of a deficient soybean stand
    The interplay of legitimacy gains and technical gains in the adoption of social media
    The interplay of physical and molecular determinants in limb and cardiac cushion morphogenesis
    The interploidy hybridization barrier in Zea Mays L.
    Interpreting the gaze in Victor Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris: a Lacanian approach
    Intersections of genre and mode : authenticity, fragility, and identification in Wordsworth's lyrical ballads (1800)
    Interventions to Increase Physical Activity Among Older Adults : A Meta-Analysis
    Interviews with founders of twenty-four-hour local cable news channels: why and how they started the business
    Intra-nacc adenosine and its role in mediating palatable food intake: interactions with striatal opioids