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    Increasing the persuasiveness of gain vs. loss framing: the effects of gender and fear arousal on processing gain- vs. loss-framed breast cancer screening messages
    Incretin response to acute exercise of differing intensities in obese women
    The incultuartion of the Christian Gospel: theory and theology with special reference to the Igbo of southeastern Nigeria
    An index for anticipating excessive precipitation with elevated thunderstorms
    The index of craft : an essay in conjunction with the MFA Thesis Exhibition Contrast : Containing Clarity
    Indian sovereignty and religious freedom : United States public land management and Indian sacred sites, 1978-2014
    Indigenous Culture as an Asset for Student Academic Success: A Formative Mixed Method Case Study to Examine School Leaders' Roles in Policy Development, Adoption and Application in Schools Serving American Indian Students
    Indigenous political representation in Bolivia
    Indirect bonding :
    Individual and competitive adsorption of MSMA and phosphate onto iron and non-iron soil
    Individual differences affect hormonal responses to a team-based violent videogame competition, but not in solitary play
    Individual differences in alcohol sensitivity and their effects on subjective state and craving in naturalistic environments
    Individual differences in intuitive processing and moral judgment
    Individual vs. systemic justice: using trust and moral outrage to predict reactions to vigilante murder
    Individual, population and landscape-scale effects of timber harvest on the red-legged salamander (Plethodon shermani)
    Indoor scene 3D modeling with single image
    Induced seismicity in Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah
    Industry complexity and the importance of industry leadership versus engagement office size on the quality of audit outcomes
    Inequality in the rhetoric of Buddhist-kami relations