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    Integrating bullying and school-wide positive behavior support strategies in an elementary school
    Integrating nanostructured artificial receptors with whispering gallery mode optical microresonators via inorganic molecular imprinting techniques
    Integration by parts formulas for higher order operators and applications to boundary value problems
    The integration of arts-based instruction : creative pathways to learning
    Integration of cultural practices and herbicide-resistant crop technologies for the management of glyphosate-resistant waterhemp in soybean
    Integration of methods to study mate choice behavior in treefrogs
    Integration of single-cell electropermeabilization together with electrochemical measurement of quantal exocytosis on microchips
    An integrative approach to study the safety issues of food products imported from China
    An intelligent design retrieval system for module-based products
    Interaction between seratonin transporter genotype and prenatal stress on neurodevelopment with implications for autism spectrum disorder
    Interaction of exercise and fish oil on postprandial lipemia
    The interaction of positive and negative outcome expectancies on drinking: a latent growth modeling approach
    Interaction of RNA polymerase II and the RNA silencing machinery in heterochromatin formation of Drosophila
    Interaction of secretory protein SecA with its binding partners: lipids and SecB
    Interaction of transcription factors in regulation of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) alpha subunit gene promoter activity
    Interactions between glyphosate, Fusarium infection of waterhemp, and soil microorganisms
    Interactions of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus with innate immune responses
    Interactive DIF detection by HLM: does interacted DIF matter?
    Interactive image segmentation using a few seed-points
    Interactive web-based track editing and management