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    Implementation of an in vivo radiochromic film QA procedure
    Implementation of finite impulse response (FIR) filter as test application on general purpose evolutionary algorithm testbed system
    Implementation of high-density SNP data for genetic evaluation and QTL discovery in beef cattle
    Implementation of integrated mathematics textbooks in secondary school classrooms
    The Implementation of the Migrant Education Policy in Missouri : A Multi-Level Analysis
    Implementation of the University of Missouri Terawatt Test Stand and the study of a large, multichanneling, laser tirggered gas switch
    Implementing data-driven decisions for asset management in local communities
    Implementing systems engineering techniques into health care: an investigation into using problem based learning in medical schools to teach systems engineering
    Implementing the federal NCLB assessment policy at the local level for learners affected with moderate to severe disabilities: an analysis of educators' decision-making process
    Implementing X.509 security certificate based authentication in a virtual organization
    Implications for soil health : assessing crop management systems and cover crops on mid-Ohio glaciated soils
    Implications of Commercial Harvest of River Turtles in Missouri
    Implications of increased graduation requirements for students in schools of southeast Missouri
    Implications of stress and coping mechanisms in the superintendency
    The implicit function theorem for Lipschitz functions and applications
    Importance of agritourism for agripreneur goal accomplishment
    The importance of ownership in the renewal process of one middle school
    The importance of relationships in the renewal process of one middle school
    The importance of the supplementation of zinc in nursey pig diets
    The importance of undergraduate's computer competency and information literacy skills: marketing faculty's perspectives in Thailand