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    Influence of various factors, principally transpiration, upon infection of wheat and barley plants by the powdery mildew
    Influences of anxiety on golf performance: a field test of catastrophe theory
    Influences of combinatorially selected peptides on inhibition of Gibberella zeae spore germination and cytological modification of emerging germ-tubes
    Influences of subjective social status, control and perfectionism on international students' cross-cultural transition
    Influencing investors : an examination of angel investor perceptions of entrepreneurial investment opportunities
    Influential product characteristics of apparel product performance as measured in profit
    Informatic approaches to evolutionary systems biology
    Information in and market reactions to recommendations from chaebol brokerages
    Information processing of religious symbols in breast cancer advertisements among African American women
    Information technology use in prediction of rapid response episodes, pressure ulcer status, and 30 day readmission
    Information, incentives, markets and policy
    Information, pleasure, and persuasion: how motivations function in talking politics
    Informing in order to form: the Roman Catholic Church and media
    Informing the theory of collective entrepreneurship: investment choice
    Infrared and passive microwave satellite rainfall estimate over tropics
    Inheritance, fitness costs, and potential mechanisms of resistance for western corn rootworm larvae surviving Bt corn
    The inhibition of cysteine peptidases improves in vitro maturation of porcine cumulus-oocyte-complexes
    Inhibition of progestin-induced VEGF in mammary cancer by curcumin and 2-methoxy estradiol and their potential role as anti-angiogenic & chemopreventive compounds
    Initial juvenile movement of pond-breeding amphibians in altered forest habitat
    Initial movements and disturbance response of a newly reintroduced elk herd in the Missouri Ozarks