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    Job search self-efficacy of east Asian international graduate students
    Jokers, smokers and midnight tokers? : how television news framed pro-pot legislation in Oregon and Colorado before the November 6, 2012 elections
    Journalists and PTSD: below the fold
    "A journey is an hallucination" : Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman
    Journeying a/cross the divide: an auto/ethnographic performance of coming out
    Jright-sizing [sic] as an iterative process for the Kansas City, Missouri school district
    Judged by their covers: Robert Harrison's girlie magazines, 1941-1955
    Judging books by their covers: how mood and individual differences in intuition affect perceptions of trustworthiness
    Judicial Impact on Bureaucratic Decision-Making : The Case of Public Procurement and Contracting
    The junior apparel consumer: an ethnographic and case study approach examining the current junior wear client
    Juniper expansion in a prairie-forest transition region
    "Just Rage" : causes of the rise in violence in the eastern campaigns of Alexander the Great
    A justified system of intellectual property rights
    Justifying war: an account of just and merely justifying causes for war
    Kachinas are snowmakers: United States public land management and the Hopi quest for religious freedom, 1962-2008
    Kallikrein-5 promotes cleavage of desmoglein-1 and loss of cell-cell cohesion in oral squamous cell carcinoma
    Kalman filter design for real-time estimation of modal parameters and cutting force coefficients for determining the dynamic stability of high-speed low-radial-immersion milling processes
    Kansas City public schools policy 4.9-personnel standards: recruiting and hiring the most effective teachers
    Katrina's other disaster : examining second disaster literature and placing post-Katrina New Orleans
    Kaylene can't drive: stories