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    Woman, her position and the part she played : a comparative study of the epics of Homer, Virgil, Dante, and Milton [1]
    Women in science: are portrayals on primetime television negative, and what are effects of exposure to such content? [1]
    Women in university fund raising: how they understand their roles as leaders in middle management [1]
    Women in War Work 1914-1918 [1]
    Women of the northern stage : gender, nationality and identity and the work of Canadian women stage directors [1]
    "Women of Vision": how females lead photojournalism departments in a male-dominated field [1]
    Women without place: a home for now: mothering within temporary shelter [1]
    The Women's Cultural and Social Society (WCSS): Its role in shaping women's political participation in Kuwait (1963-2010) [1]
    Women's experiences in undergraduate engineering programs in Japan as resources to the decisions to pursue master's degrees [1]
    Women's reactions to a realistic rape portrayal and the influence of feminst identity and rape myth acceptance [1]
    Women's self-perceptions: an exploratory study of optical illusion garments [1]
    Woody biomass availability for energy : a perspective from non-industrial private forest landowners in the U.S. Great Lakes states [1]
    Work engagement of hospitality employees: examining work stresses as antecedents and customer orientation and employee voice as outcomes [1]
    Working memory and an associative deficit [1]
    A world the printers made : [1]
    Writer of the ineffable : the paradoxical role of Annie Dillard [1]
    Written rules and practical matters on state public records laws [1]
    Yeoman justice : [1]
    "You gotta man up and take care of it": masculinity, responsibility, and teen fatherhood [1]
    Yukon Government, Social Media Use and the Contingency Theory of Communication [1]