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    Validating Missouri landtype associations using tree species composition, forest structure, and productivity [1]
    Validation and insight into a novel packed-bed electrode flow battery architecture [1]
    A validation study of university level food and beverage curriculum [1]
    The validity of morphological features and osteological markers in reconstructing habitual activities [1]
    Validity of the hangover symptoms scale: evidence from two diary studies [1]
    Valley of Industry: developing a regional economy in the post Jefferson's Embargo Ohio Valley [1]
    Valuable drops of gold: exploring economics in John Gabriel Stedman's Narrative of a five years expedition against the revolted negroes of Surinam [1]
    Value added to the beef cattle chain through genetic management [1]
    Value chain integration, cluster cooperation, and sustainable livelihoods: bridging small farmers to high value markets [1]
    The value of banner advertising on the web [1]
    Value-framing of issues in the 2004 presidential campaign by American newspapers in Russian [1]
    van Fraassen and a defense of inference to the best explanation [1]
    Vapor pressure of RDX - experimental and correlation [1]
    Variability of soil hydraulic properties and estimation of plant-available water on claypan-soil landscapes [1]
    The variable RS Cassicpeiae (108.1904) [1]
    Variable-temperature ¹H-NMR and AB initio study of 5-amino-imidazole-4-carboxamide (AICA): competing paths for amide-H scrambling [1]
    Variation and fractionation of lithium isotopes within single tourmaline crystals in the pegmatites of the Black Hills, SD [1]
    Variation in the Carbohydrate and Diastase Contents of the Tissues After Feeding [1]
    Variation in the flood tolerance of three midwestern oak species [1]
    Variations in the amylolytic power and compostition of the saliva [1]