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    Progestin regulation of follicular dynamics in beef cattle
    Program assessment: industrial hygiene and safety sciences
    Program attributes that impact a farmer's willingness-to-accept participation in a high oleic soybean (hos) segregation program: a choice experiment
    Program evaluation of the character
    A program evaluation of the character education program at a junior high school in Saint Louis County
    A program evaluation of the state mandated school board member training by Missouri Association of Rural Educators
    A programming comparison: the APRE vs. linear periodization in short term periods
    Progressive damage of multiple bolt connections in thick composite plates
    The progressive development of illustrative manual arts through the elementary grades
    Project ARCHES : an evaluation of a modified family check-up intervention in an assessment setting
    Projectile vibration analysis of an electromagnetic launcher
    Projecting Cropland Rental Rate and Asset Values: Using a Hybrid of Past Approaches to Harvest New Estimates
    Promoting cause sponsorship on corporate web sites: perceived control of navigation, natural fit, and created fit
    Pronghorn migration and resource selection in southwestern North Dakota
    The pronoun of address in Schiller's dramas
    Prop rockery
    Propagation of polarized light in skeletal muscle
    Properties of adsorbed hydrogen and methane films on nanoporous solids
    Properties of extruded snacks containing tomato and garlic
    Properties of extruded white corn flour - high amylose corn starch puffs