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    Remembering complex objects in visual working memory
    Remembering in black and white: Missouri women's memorial work 1860-1910
    Remembering Trajan in Fourth-Century Rome: Memory and Identity in Spatial, Artistic, and Textual Narratives
    Rememorando la guerra civil : una relectura de las novelas historicas de Max Aub a partir de la "memoria historica"
    Remobilization of leaf nitrogen in stockpiled tall fescue
    Remote health monitoring for asset management
    Removal of disinfection by-product precursors by activated carbon and MIEX®
    The removal of lime from the ash of cow feces
    Removal of organic dyes from water by ionic liquid derived functional magnetic carbons
    Repair prioritization with respect to inventory requirements
    Repetition effects in object switch costs: against a switch cost measure of a discrete focus of attention
    Repetitive sequence analysis for soybean genome sequences
    Replication of freeway work zone capacity values in a microscopic simulation model
    Reporting complex legal issues: an examination of the reportage on Citizens United and ACA
    Reporting from the front: a textual analysis of embedded reporting in the New York Times
    Reporting on rape : myths, context and sources
    Reporting on the court of public opinion: how Buzzfeed and the New York Times covered the Brock Turner case
    Representaciones de la violencia en la poesía de la guerra civil española
    Representations and interpretations of the Wrigley Field renovation : between nostalgia and nostophobia
    Representations of intersectionality and class politics in coverage of national newspapers : a textual analysis of the housing crisis in 2006