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    On the spectrum of oscillations of a Schwarzschild black hole [1]
    On the Speed of Gravity and Relativistic v/c Corrections to the Shapiro Time Delay [1]
    On the Spin-Rotation-Gravity Coupling [1]
    On the two approaches to the data analysis of the Cassini interplanetary relativity experiment [1]
    One-dimensional photonic crystal: The Kronig-Penney model [1]
    Optical and structural properties of ZnO films deposited on GaAs by pulsed laser deposition [1]
    Optical Constants of Silicon Carbide for Astrophysical Applications. II. Extending Optical Functions from Infrared to Ultraviolet Using Single-Crystal Absorption Spectra [1]
    Optical properties of dust [1]
    Optics of rotating systems [1]
    Orbital ordering and exchange interaction in the manganites [1]
    Orientation of vortices in a superconducting thin film: Quantitative comparison of spin-polarized neutron reflectivity and magnetization [1]
    Orientational order in nitrogen monolayers adsorbed on graphite at low temperature [1]
    Orientational ordering of commensurate Fe(CO)5 monolayers on graphite [1]
    Origin of Charge-Orbital Order in the Half-Doped Manganites [1]
    The Origin of Presolar Silica Grains in AGB Stars [1]
    The Origins Billions Star Survey: Galactic Explorer [1]
    Parametrized post-Newtonian theory of reference frames, multipolar expansions and equations of motion in the N-body problem [1]
    Permittivity enhancement of aluminum oxide thin films with the addition of silver nanoparticles [1]
    Phase Diagram of the Spin Hall Effect [1]
    Phase transformations in a model mesenchymal tissue [1]