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    Characterization of mechanical properties and study of microstructures of friction stir welded joints fabricated from similar and dissimilar alloys of aluminum
    Characterization of mechanical properties of fused deposition modeling manufactured polycarbonate composites
    Chatter detection and prevention in high-speed milling
    Compact oscillating heat pipe and development of fuzzy copper or wicking structures
    A comparison of modeling techniques: using the finite element method to determine local displacements in a human hip
    A comprehensive model for energy transport and ablation of metal films induced by ultrashort pulsed lasers
    Comprehensive optimization for thermoelectric refrigeration devices
    A comprehensive simulation-based methodology for the design and optimization of orthopaedic internal fixation implants
    Condition-based monitoring system for diagnostics and prognostics of centrifugal pumps
    Control of arterial hemoglobin saturation in premature infants using H-infinity synthesis and performance specifications from best clinical practice
    Cruise Flight Optimization of a Commercial Aircraft with Winds
    Damage inspection of isotropic/multi-layer plates by time-frequency analysis of Lamb waves
    Damping and stiffening forces of a squeeze-film between two plates
    Dental composites reinforced with zinc oxide nanofillers
    The Design and Analysis of a HA/PLA Pedicle Screw for Spinal Fusion
    The design and implementation of an endoscopic enabled mouth gag
    Design and optimization of a Mars sample return mission with nuclear thermal rockets
    Design and optimization of dissipative elastic metamaterials and their applications for broadband blast and shockwave mitigation
    Design and simulation analysis of MEMS parallel plate capacitor models for voltage conversion and power harvesting
    Design of a customized, semi-autonomous, single arm robotic manipulator for a hazardous environment