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    Blackbody temperature calculations from visible and newa-IR spectra for gas-fired furnaces [1]
    Characterization and Nondimensional Analysis of a Variable Speed Centrifugal Pump [1]
    Characterization of drillability of sandwich structure of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite over titanium alloy [1]
    Characterization of mechanical properties and study of microstructures of friction stir welded joints fabricated from similar and dissimilar alloys of aluminum [1]
    Characterization of mechanical properties of fused deposition modeling manufactured polycarbonate composites [1]
    Chatter detection and prevention in high-speed milling [1]
    Compact oscillating heat pipe and development of fuzzy copper or wicking structures [1]
    A comparison of modeling techniques: using the finite element method to determine local displacements in a human hip [1]
    A comprehensive model for energy transport and ablation of metal films induced by ultrashort pulsed lasers [1]
    Comprehensive optimization for thermoelectric refrigeration devices [1]
    A comprehensive simulation-based methodology for the design and optimization of orthopaedic internal fixation implants [1]
    Control of arterial hemoglobin saturation in premature infants using H-infinity synthesis and performance specifications from best clinical practice [1]
    Damage Inspection of Isotropic/Multi-layer Plates by Time-Frequency Analysis of Lamb Waves [1]
    Dental composites reinforced with zinc oxide nanofillers [1]
    Design and optimization of a Mars sample return mission with nuclear thermal rockets [1]
    Design and simulation analysis of MEMS parallel plate capacitor models for voltage conversion and power harvesting [1]
    Design of a water tower energy storage system [1]
    Design optimization and efficiency modeling of a hot gas vane motor [1]
    Designing and modeling a split torque hydrostatic transmission in series with a manual transmission for an automotive application [1]
    Developing and automating time delay system stability analysis of dynamic systems using the Matrix Lambert W (MLW) function method [1]