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    Theoretial [sic] analysis of oscillating motion, heat transfer, minimum meniscus radius and charging procedure in an oscillating heat pipe
    Theoretical and experimental investigation of oscillating heat pipes
    Theory and development of a camera-based noncontact vibration measurement system
    Thermal effects of high energy and ultrafast lasers
    Thermal mechanical analysis of applications with internal heat generation
    Thermal mehcanical hydraulic experimental tools for molybdenum-99 production target analysis
    Thermal transport of nanoenergetics in composite materials
    Thermal-hydraulic optimization for high production of low-enriched uranium based molybdenum-99
    Thermal-mechanical analysis of a low-enriched uranium foil based annular target for the production of molybdenum-99
    Thermal-mechanical analysis of targets for high volume production of molybdenum-99 using low-enriched uranium
    The thermal-mechanical analysis of targets for the high volume production of molybdenum-99 using a low-enriched uranium metal foil
    Thermal/mechanical/hydraulic experimental tools for molybdenum-99 production target analysis
    A thesis on mechanical drawing in technical schools
    Torque ripple attenuation for an axial piston swash plate type hydrostatic pump: noise considerations
    Two-phase flow over flooded micro-pillar structures with engineered wettability
    Uneven turns oscillating heat pipes
    Wettability and nanostructure effect on oscillating heat pipes
    Wireless Signal Acquisition and Processing Techniques for Horse Lameness Detection and Evaluation
    Work cycle efficiency for a hydrostatic machine
    X-ray topography techniques for the analysis of laser irradiated silicon