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    Nanomechanical property characterization of femoral head materials
    Neutron diffraction study of load response and residual stresses in WC-(Ni/Co) composites
    New tool design for measuring tool displacement in milling
    Nonlinear control and active damping of a forced-feedback metering poppet valve
    Nonlinear mechanics and testing of highly flexible one-dimensional structures using a camera-based motion analysis system
    Nonlinear thermomechanical finite-element modeling, analysis and characterization of multi-turn oscillating heat pipes
    Numerical investigation of two phase flow using automatic controller system and chaotic approach
    On-plane flexible and solid-state rechargeable lithium-MnO2 microbatteries from laser inducded graphene
    On-plane flexible and solid-state rechargeable lithium-MnO2 microbatteries from laser induced graphene
    Optimal orbit transfers for satellite formation flying applications
    Optimal path planning of an unmanned combat aerial vehicle with obstacle avoidance
    Optimization of electromagnetic acoustic transducers for nondestructive evaluation of concrete structures
    Oscillating heat pipes : study of their oscillating motion using neutron imaging and application
    Parametric and nonparametric dynamical system identification using laser-measured velocities
    Parametric and optimal design of modular machine tools
    A Parametric Evaluation of Carbon Nanotube Synthesis from Alumina Particles
    A parametric study of a curved nuclear fuel plate in a narrow channel using numeric fluid structure interaction modeling
    Patient specific bone remodeling and finite element analysis of the lumbar spine
    Physical implications of characteristic speeds and waveforms of rails on elastic foundations
    Plasmonic Au nanostructures for surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy