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    Fault tolerant and highly available entitlement server
    Feasibility of the nintendo Ds for teaching problem-based learning in kindergarten through twelfth grade students
    Feature Extraction in Images
    The ferroelectric plasma thruster
    Ferroxane derived ceramic composite material as catalysts for heterogenous Fenton reactions for dyes and pharmaceutical removal in water
    Fiber-based absorbent configuration in evaporative cooling
    A fiber-optic confocal scanner for scattering tissue
    Fibrous soy protein meat analog from low moisture twin-screw extrusion
    Field performance of instrumentation for monitoring effects of timber harvesting on water quality
    Final summary report for 1991-1999 : and year - 8 report for 9/1/98-8/31/99
    Fine-grained authorization in the Great Plains network virtual organization
    Fine-Granularity Transmission Distortion Modeling for Video Packet Scheduling Over Mesh Networks
    Finite element analysis of patient specific sacroiliac joint
    Finite element analysis of residual stress generation during spot welding and its affect on fatigue behavior of spot welded joints
    Finite-element design of metamaterial beams for broadband wave absorption
    Firefly: web-based interactive tool for the visualization and validation of image processing algorithms
    First-principle simulation of blast barrier effectiveness for the development of simplified design tools
    Flammability characterization of fat and oil derived phase change materials
    Flapping wing dynamics of MAVs: nonlinear modeling and experimental investigation
    Flashover prevention on polystyrene high voltage insulators in a vacuum